Portfolio Update: week 36, 2018

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Another week has passed and it wasn't a bad week for the crypto market. Small signs of improvement but still it could go both ways! Some fiat is waiting on the side line to see if it will drop again, patience is also standing on the sideline waiting to harvest!


As you can see it looks more sideways but it isn't. The problem I do have with this graph is that Scorum is only available on Openledger, which makes it pretty volatile. If the price of Scorum drops 20%, while the overall cryptmarket increases, than it will still look like a downhill ski track!



Well it is the first update of the month, so I did add some extra Steem to the portfolio. 16 in total. Due to the fact that my portfolio wasn't updated for a long time, it was only an increase of 16. It is what it is!


Just like with Steem, I will add Scorum only once per month to the portfolio. I did add 1181 SCR to the portfolio. I could have added 341 more, bit I will use it, when the betting exchange opens, and therefor will not include it. The target for scorum has been set on 25K before the end of the year! Let's see if I can manage that!


Stratis is my weak spot. With the current value of stratis, it was an excellent time to bring down the average book price. With the latest purchase I will able to decrease the average book price with 1 euro!


Last week the top 3 of the shares (without SCR) was:

  • BTC 26,34%
  • Steem 17,75%
  • NEO 15,35%

This week the chart looks like this:

So we have:

  • BTC 25,13%
  • Steem 17,23%
  • NEO 15,48%

Winners and Losers!


SPF is the biggest winner with an increase of 56,47% but still a long way to go to even make break even. Followed by EOS (19,93%), Oyster Shell (15,91%) and Digibyte (13,93%).
On the red side we have only 3 coins, which are Coss (-5,31%), SCR (-3,57%) and XLM (-2,46%).

The coins which were purchased last week were doing fine, BTC did increase 5,07%, EOS was already mentioned and NEO went up with 13,88%. So I more or less did strengthen the position in the correct coins!

Next week

I am not planning to purchase any more coins next week, or even this month! I do want to bring down the book prices for some more coins, but it will have to wait until the paycheck arrives!
I would like to have the market go sideways for another month, it doesn't have to decline!
Would like to purchase some more BTC, ETH, NEO and maybe Neblio (another weak spot for me).
Adding some more EOS would also be smart! Choices will have to be made!


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Lisk and Stratis were some of the surprises of last December so I would stick with Stratis at least until the end of the year. You may have a pleasant surprise.


Lets hope I will!

Interesting range of coins there mate! I am waiting for GIFTO to go crazy... hopefully later this year!!


We all have out hopes 🤔.
Lots of coins could make life a lot easier but SCR could be a life changer for me!

Wow, maybe I misunderstood the last table... but are you holding over 800 different altcoins?


You misunderstood :) Phew.
The rank is the ranking of the crypto on CoinMarketCap. My excel is based in their API.
I do have too many different coins in my portfolio and I did want to downsize it, but due to the current market situation is has no use to sell them to cheaply.


Lol, that makes more sense! In hindsight it does seem obvious! I hear you about the ability to offload... Although, I did take the opportunity to make some longer term bets!,


I do see it more as my retirement funds :) So it could grow for more than 20 years :)


Same outlook here. I've have up on day trading... Too much effort spent in tracking and all the rest of that. Buy hold and check in in a few years!

If I'm lucky, I get to retire early!

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Big drops today, buying possibility? or wait to see if it drops lower?


I will wait some more. The prices hope dropped below the purchase price of 2 weeks ago for me. So, if you would buy them if they start increasing again it still could be a bargain!
I will be waiting and see how the market is a week from now!