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Hey everyone

Since there is a huge debate going on over several social media platforms about Bitconnect beeing legit or not I thought it is just about time to open some peoples eyes. This video is not one sided and should provide facts and different points of views.

I highly recommend to share and resteem this video, cause every member and potential investor deserves THE TRUTH.


  • Website overview - 1:55
  • Bitconnect coin - 2:54
  • Bitconnect investment options (mining, trading, staking, lending) 3:26
  • Short term analysis - 9:09
  • Long term analysis - 9:33
  • Conclusion - 12:29

At this point I really want to thank you all for supporting me on steemit. We allready surpassed 100 followers which is amazing. Thanks.



This is clearly a ponzy! The huge profits made by the investors now will finally be paid by the latest to take profit. This could be a big negative hit to the crypto world and scare many people away from it when the mainstream media will describe it as a Bitcoin scam.

Your video is objective, thank you for that, this is what the crypto community needs. It is a shame that famous Steemians like @craig-grant are making video's about their huge earnings to pull people in this scam to make some dollars on their affiliate link.

Thank you very much for this comment. That is excactly what I think and what I try to do with my channel. Obivously I'm also interested in money and referrals. But I present the projects I'm investing objectively so it is fair for people to make their decision.

About Time Somebody Shed Some Light On BitConnect :)

Nice video, it opens it up pretty well to what it is. What it comes down to is a race against the clock. For those people that think bitcoin will be at $50,000 a coin in the next 3-5 years. Its on the same line as thinking. Don't get me wrong and I'm not saying its going to last forever but even it it only lasts another 2 years that's going to make a lot of people a ton of money.

Thank you. That is excactly what I am saying and the reason why I am using this platform too. As long as the bitcoin rally is going on they won't have any issues to payout people. I tell everyone pay attention and be prepared for a crash but short term I am pretty sure I will get more then just my initial investment back.

Yes, this exactly. We are simply gambling that yes I think the site still functions for the next however many days. I would love to see it online and with no issues for a year. That would make me a killing. Realistically I see it going for a least the next 100 days or so if not way longer. They are pushing that trip is Oct 2017 so its gotta at least be up through then you would think. I have no fear of getting my initial investment back and thats a gamble I am willing to take. The question is how much more can be made before it goes.

Reminds me of Veritaseum; scam!

But profitable anyway?

Veritaseum... is a scam? It's one of the most expensive coins there is

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Thanks for the video. Pls also check my analysis on BCC and let me know your thoughts:

Interesting post.

Thanks....I believe we should think of BCC as just a way to invest our capital in BTC rather than think of "I would've made more money if I had kept it in BCC instead of lending".
I'm speculating here but maybe they would/should be able to buy up all of our BCC in case of liquidity issues.

100$->1.26billion$. So that is possible for you in 5 years? :)

With all due respect I think there's a mistake in your calculation. after 5 years compounding daily I am getting $4 more on top of my $100 (that 0.9% needs to be divided by 365;)

Your math is wrong. And I read your "paper" about the parabolic behavior. You don't seem to have a scientific background, do you?

Yea I got that...the 0.9% is a daily rate not yearly...if my math is wrong you can just point out where the issue is like a "scientist", if you are, instead of having an attitude!


It is an obvious ponzi scam. I already feel sorry for the people that will loose their money there.

But what about all the people who are making a lot of money?

What about them?

It's great that people at the top of the pyramid get mighty relief by defecating in their toilets high up in the pyramid. What sucks is that the majority who're on the lower levels of that pyramid are being rained on with that shit!

And you think a person who is so greedy to join such a project and is getting "scammed" doesn't deserve that? If I am not getting my money back I feel that I deserve it. Besides all that, what if that trading bot really exists and makes 2-3% profit a day? How are we all gonna act then? :D

nice post man I came across bcc ages ago and they were cheap I just bought them an as I didn't understand what the whole lending thing was about I just had them sat on bcc in my bcc wallet but the price soon went up and I started to lend and at first I exchanged my profit to bit coin and withdrew my initial investment and then just relend all now and get the interest so now I cant loose either way so all is good free btc everyday from now on I have already had my money back . but I have never made any refferals to anyone tho in my opinion it is not a scam only time will tell good luck

Greed is part of the equation, of course, but so is gullibility. Do you want to be the person responsible for signing up hundreds of gullible people, perhaps some of them being your own family and friends, who end up losing big percentages of their own money?

This reminds me of a quote from the movie Scarface:

Rule number one: never underestimate the other guy's greed.

It takes a very greedy man to know that he's selling a ponzi scheme just because he's invested into it.

Well I would not really say that I am "selling" it. If someone watches my video and still wants to join cause he can stay in this short term range where you actually can make profit. Why not? Let's asume it all goes down in 3 years and people are easily getting there investment back in the first one. That is up to them to decide. Why did I join? Cause I am pretty sure I can make a profit before it collapses, if it even does!

As long as I am not lying and missleading people I have no shame at all to build up my team. I would like to have a lot of smart people in my team who understand that video. You are right. I feel sorry for people who don't know whats going on. And it is unfair to drag them in. But if we are talking about that we should probably knock on some other doors. You probably know about who I am talking about.

I understand your perspective. Back in the day, I used to trade penny-stocks and I knew damn well that 99% of em would be at $0.000000 in the long run, but they would sometimes pay out thousands of percent in the short-term and I was there to collect on a few of em.

But, but, but, but, but ,but, but, but, but... I would NEVER. EVER try to talk someone else into trying out a "flip" of a penny-stock, because I knew that it was INSANELY risky business.

Bitconnect is a little different from most penny-stocks in that it has quite a bit higher liquidity (easier to trade in and out of), so I wouldn't consider it as risky, but it certainly has a lot of the other elements of the "pink-sheets", which is why I, personally, wouldn't try to sell it as a good investment, nor a "flip", for that matter.

If anything, I'd drive home the message to "THOROUGHLY do your own due diligence", before even considering to consider taking a position.

Personally I don't see why 2-3% profit is unbelievable.
Speaking of trading bots, I can see trading bots clearly exist but they're so complicated and require so much user input. Why cant someone actually program a user friendly GUI and option for simple automated controls? It doesn't need to create crazy money "10000% IN 1 DAY" just be good enough.

Like even a bot that only woke up when it detected large pump signals and got marginal safe gains every time there was a pump and dump by getting in and out before it got risky to hold it longer. That sure would add up fast. It's just frustrating that the only people that have done this are those who haven't... and just scam you. The tech is there why not make a legit one !

Or even just a simple bot where you could just easily ask it to get for you coins you want at the price you want without needing to be personally sitting there observing it. Sure you can put a buy order in and walk away but a bot could be smarter than that. I mean arbitrage gains alone would create huge gains and that doesn't even need trading just passing tokens around exchanges.


Could I really be missing something here?

So awesome video , your montage is good
Followed , upvoted

Thank you very much. :)

You're welcome
Can you check out my blog ?

very interesting post tanx

You are welcome.

Upvoted and resteemed to hopefully check this video later.... when I had the chance to use Bitconnect before I felt the vibe of 'I shouldn't do this'... well, I depend on my gut sense in these cases so, well...

Hope I find time to check the vid later...

I am 50/50 on the platform. That's why I tried to stay neutral. Check out my newest video. I am actually making money even without referrals. And it is a lot of money.

the long term analysis on the video is exactly what I have been worried about what happens when everyone wants out and nobody is there to buy??? Outside of that I think it actually works they need to limit the amount you are allowed to invest!

This video provide great information to help people make a sound decision. The take home message is that the greediest users will be the ones who get it bad in the end. If you can put $1500 and get back that before the thing end thats a plus. Im new and ive been seeing videos and want to give it a shot. Thanks for the clarity.

Hey intellectualsoul. That is excactly what this video should do. I couldn't explain it better. Neveretheless I would be happy if you would sign up with my referral link obviously. As long as I am in I take the profits. :)

My buy in at this point is so small you would not really see any thing. How much referral commission is in 100 bucks. Probably not much.

7$. And if you reinvest I get 7% of that as well. So it would be favour. But you don't have to obviously.

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