Bitcoin Isn't Dead Yet!

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I came across this earlier today and wanted to share with you so that you know that you aren't late to the party. I've written about my tryst in Bitcoin in 2009 and since then Bitcoin has come a long way, hasn't it?

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 11.33.12 PM.png


Sometimes we need to look into the past before we can completely figure out where we might be heading. The short term view is that we're in a bearish phase but until markets are done consolidating this is how it's going to be.

Ofcourse, nobody knows exactly where the price will go on from here. But, if the past is any indication then Bitcoin might make a come back to reach higher highs than it's most recent one.

Many major economies are adapting themselves to the existence and meteoric rise of public blockchain and cryptocurrencies. If you can sit through these rough times I'm sure you will be able to enjoy the highs when we revisit those numbers again!

Chances are we will see ATH over 20K in a year or so if the interest around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general continues growing and fresh money comes into the market helping raise the prices across the board.

What is your opinion on this price chart depicting Bitcoin's rise in the past. Do you think it will go over 20K before the end of 2018 or we're going to be in the dumps until 2019. I'm sure you might have had quite a roller coaster ride with cryptos yourself in the past few months. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Encouraging article, I think it was Churchel who said the Further you look back in history the further you can see into the future. Cheers mike

Well well well, as it is often said, only the patient survives in the crypto world. The dump of major cryptos is the past months have been really challenging.. But I want to stay positive, the future is bright.. Who knows? We might see a 200% blast in the price of btc, and as you know, other coins will sail through.. Until then, I will HODL!

As of late my outlook has become as 'leaning towards' bearish. That being said, I still believe that we will see ATH before the end of 2019.

What I think is that, first this ETF mania has to loosen its grip over the market. We all know how emotional(read volatile) the crypto markets are. As far as I am concerned the ETF's may or may not bring about the bull run we were hoping for but there is another thing that I am hearing less and less about.

That is mass adoption. There are quite a few factors that have to come together to make that happen. Obviously I do not even know them all, let alone try to list them all. I know that mass adoption is one thing that can't be beaten by any force here.

What I am hoping from ETF's is to actually bring cryptosphere into a more a confident position. From there mainstream adoption can be an achievable target.

I agree it is not dead. I see great things for crypto.

The title of this arcticle should be is the USD dead yet!!! Deflation vs Inflation!!!

@firepower Hello my best friend How are you?Thanks to friends, so good news for you to post like us, you know very beautiful beautiful news that you are doing good job thanks to me..I am very happy to hear that Bitcoin is in India. thank you so much my dear friend.

Bitcoin will never die becsue its a better asset Than must useless and worthless sticks which are been traded in the forex market, I think the market needs these correction to enable it stabilize, last time I checked the price btc is still about six times (6x) of Gold which is the highest traded commodity asset.

Bitcoin will never die becsue its a better asset Than must useless and worthless sticks which are been traded in the forex market, I think the market needs these correction to enable it stabilize, last time I checked the price btc is still about six times (6x) of Gold which is the highest traded commodity asset.


Please may I contact you on discord, I think you have a curations trail that Upvote.

Before December 2017 nobody knew that bitcoin would reach $20k. This type of fluctuations in the market can be a good thing. If this is so, then it is time to be patient, hold the bitcoin. To gain maximum profits in the future.

This is not the end.

Not close to death. Following.

and I doubt if this will ever die. we hope for better.. thanks @firepower

Everyone who believes in Bitcoin and updated with technology and internet knows the power of Bitcoin and future of it, that's why they are accepting Bitcoin.
But still awareness about Bitcoin is very less, and it will take more couple of years or more..
Then the Bitcoin will show the real Power..

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Well obviously market is lacking a lot of money compared to previous times. And also, governments and big influencers are not showing a green signal to it, making it more difficult for bitcoin to gain ATH. Hope people soon understand the technology and logic behind it.

It is not dead. For crypto is good.

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It is the most powerful single coin of the world.Though it has been fluctuating upwards and down wards for its characteristics,as its a wave money,but not physical money.Its existence depends on our acceptance and faith on it.So its a our money,communities money,untill and unless we are with it ,no govt of the world can control it or stop it to dance.

every time they said bitcoin is a bubble and about to burst bitcoin is reborn with a new and more powerful has time and again proved and will continue to prove its a super efficient store of value. so question of bitcoin dead will never arise.poor people like me and many of my peers who were also poor then bought bitcoin at $1000 to 1400 level which was a lot of money for us.last december everyone who was hodling bitcoin then could not resist the greed and sold their bitcoins. also the whales who were all buying to push the price up started selling all at a once and on sunday the 17th december, bitcoin touched a all time high of $20,000 and sending back to $19,500 within a very short time till it came crashing down before correcting to the $8,000 mark. today bitcoin is at $6,400 and the market are consolidating and is the right time to hodl, buy more and wait to watch the history to repeat itself this december or next year. for me i am going to mine,trade and hodl till BTC touch $50,000

..though i m not really possessing an important amount of coins, means peanuts, and though i m still working not enough in the whole stuff, i m sure this is still the beginning of crypto..and yes, i believe that at the end of 2018 it will get to old levels..may not up to 20k...we ll see...good article, thx..follow you..up..resteemed..