How - To START MINING VERIUM ON RASPBERRY PI 3 step by step for noobs

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Hello again in this post I will show you how I managed to set up my Raspberry Pi 3 to start Mining Verium (VRM)
I figured I would make this how-to for people like myself who are not Linux experts.

It's recommended to have 64bit os I made a post regarding this you can read more about this here

  1. First you need to go to this pool or other I fount this one working good
    SignUp / Login / Create your workers

  2. Now you need to add some libraries to you pc to can run properly your miner ;)
    Open a command line and type this.
    sudo apt-get install automake autoconf pkg-config libcurl4-openssl-dev libjansson-dev libssl-dev libgmp-dev zlib1g-dev

  3. Ok for now let's download the new miner
    After testing a bunch of them i figured out that this one its the best one for Pi3
    To download the miner you need to use this command
    git clone

After the download its finished you need to go to the miner folder by typing this command
cd veriumMiner
Now we need to run some command to get the miner installed properly

./configure CFLAGS= --with-crypto --with-curl
make -j4

Congrats you finished the install and now you can start mining Happy mining

To start the miner you need to run this command

./cpuminer -n 1048576 -o stratum+tcp:// -u user.worker -p password -t 0 -1 4 --cpu-affinity-stride 1 --cpu-affinity-default-index 0 --cpu-affinity-oneway-index 4

This command will allow you to run all the 4 cores of your Pi
Note you have to change the User.worker with you username and worker name and the same for the password

If your Pi its overclocked to 1.3 ghz you should get @ 190 H/M constant If you want to learn more about Overclocking a Raspberry Pi check this link

Happy mining

Some things I have noticed. A good power supply and cooling make a difference, and also a good micro usb cable 20-23awg also i have noticed that my pi are using only 0.75-0.90 A so you cand run it with any phone charge but a good cable ;) (i connect on my pi`s via ssh so i do not use any periferical on the boards)

If you want to learn more about ssh, and how to remote connect to your pi, you can check this link

If you want to learn more about screen, and how to open a session in background, you can check this link

I want to thank to all Verium community because they helped me a lot to figure wich miner is the best and how to set it up running on a good hash. special thanks to fireworm, sundaypi, ccnorth, Tinellus.
You can also join the Verium community on Slack

If you found this How to useful give it a Vote if you don't leave a comment why and do not forget to follow me for more how to's!
Feel free to use and improve this little tutorial


Is mining this currency on a Pi 3 profitable when electricity costs are factored in? How much profit per day in USD?

I mine with 9 Pi's and i`m getting @ 0.33 VRM / day. One VRM atm it's worth 6 $
you can check the price here

Hello, how are you doing with your Pi`s now?is difficulty increased? I have considered getting these, but read that Odroid XU4 can get up to 4x the H/m pr card. Is it possible to use your guide but switch out for ordoid cards?

It seems like a bad idea. Bytecoin is getting tough and it's not even worth anything. It may be a decent analog though. I'm gonna test.

This tutorial is somehow useful because I just bought a Raspberry Pi 3 a month ago with no knowledge in coding whatsoever. Thank you for the great article.

This write up is very well put together! Ever since learning of Pi's and the SBC community I have been searching for a way to use them for mining since I cannot afford the GPU's and hardware needed for the other logarithms.

Please how much are you making now?

here an easy Way of mining with Google Chrome:

Thanks a lot! I installed everything on s standard rpi 3 with raspbian, not the 64bit version. Why do you recommand the 64 bit operating system? Ist there any performance gain?

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