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RE: How - To START MINING VERIUM ON RASPBERRY PI 3 step by step for noobs

in #bitcoin5 years ago

Is mining this currency on a Pi 3 profitable when electricity costs are factored in? How much profit per day in USD?


I mine with 9 Pi's and i`m getting @ 0.33 VRM / day. One VRM atm it's worth 6 $
you can check the price here

Hello, how are you doing with your Pi`s now?is difficulty increased? I have considered getting these, but read that Odroid XU4 can get up to 4x the H/m pr card. Is it possible to use your guide but switch out for ordoid cards?

It seems like a bad idea. Bytecoin is getting tough and it's not even worth anything. It may be a decent analog though. I'm gonna test.

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