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RE: The Planned Collapse Of The Economy Has Begun

in #bitcoin3 years ago

We have to kick these globalists in the ass! Freedom and prosperity for all, not just the elites. Down with governments, WE THE PEOPLE...


I don't fully understand this Rothschild and all those conspiracy noise going on. I might be a noob but I keep hearing these stuff for ages.

One has to wonder if the rumors are indeed true, why don't they (Rothschild) just buy all the BTC there is if global control is truly their ultimate goal. They are pretty much capable of doing that shit, aren't they?

We need to all stick together. That's why the ELITE always win, because they stick together while making all of us fight each other. We are the RESISTANCE, We are the CHANGE, we are the PEOPLE...

Even if the economy crashes the rich will still be rich, they always find a way to siphon their debt down to the 99% . They will buy bitcoin and other cryptos before most of the average people do then manipulate prices for their gain with their power. Hopefully at least this new system will allow more people to achieve wealth which will disrupt the current status quota.

You do know that before there was government there was no govt. We the People understood that for the benefit of the people, we need govt. Other wise, it is the mob rules

you just put kick globalists and down with the governments. That's completely contradictory seeing as taking down governments would also mean taking down borders and economic restraints

yes @doccrypto these government don't know the value of crypto so they are just screaming like shits.

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