What is behind the behavior of the BTC? Is it possible to predict the behavior of the BTC?

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First, the explosion of a bubble that was formed by the same people who said it was a bubble

Wtf?, yes.

If we take an annual chart of the simplest and linear ones (source: coinmarketcap.com) the BTC's SANO behavior would have been the following.

The role of the big players

If we do an analysis of when the news began, both in the players of always like JP Morgan, numerous American financial Holdings, great part of the bank, the majority of the media groups, even I can name celebrities, etc.
All that machinery worked as a gear system perfectly coordinated and synchronized with the objective of operating an enhanced catalyst which was already bought before.


The purpose was:

A) People who had no idea of ​​the existence of the BTC are interested in buying.
B) Those who already had, who buy more.
C) Those who were in altcoins that turn to the BTC.

We could see that before the pump, in the flow of money that happened to the purchase of the BTC, increase in its market capitalization and therefore in its price.

This huge resulting mass, was the consequence of a totally artificial, amorphous, exponential and unhealthy rise (green lines)

The result was a huge profit taking on the part of the big players and all the people who went into what trading is called (the body and tail of fish) bought at exaggerated prices, with the promise of the machinery set as a trap for all of them.

Only the head of the fish and the holders were the ones who won or this last group did not lose.

That is why the real and healthy trend is how else would that green triangle have been.
In other words, in a few words where the price is now.


Searching for the keyword BITCOIN in google trends in a period of one year.
Do not you notice a similarity?
Better said a mirror behavior?

source: google trends

The regulations of China, India, South Korea was the point?

That's what they made us believe and "THEY" closed their plan perfectly.

Wells Fargo strategist: Bitcoin and the market are correlated

Is it possible to predict the behavior of the BTC?

Regarding this analysis, we must be careful, because of everything we talked about before and CNBC is a powerful media.

Directly I will copy the link on this topic and that you draw your own conclusions.


source: cnbc.com

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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Nice analysis, the money clearing is flowing from the
impatient to the patient and the entities with control on mainstream media are taking advantage of their power on both bull and bear sides, at the end of the day they are just sharks changing sides all the time.

@sgdias thank you for your comment. I agree with you, the biggest economic groups almost never lose because they are the ones who manage to their liking and likeness where they want to place the price estimated. But as you said, the sharks follow the blood and sometimes they can not predict the current and the blood can go in the opposite direction.
The big difference is the strength and economic reserve they have for those cases that they had not foreseen.
Force that does not have the great mass that is what ends up losing.

Three consecutive fractals to the downside

Zoom: http://prntscr.com/ic7dj8

Weak global BTC signal

Zoom: http://prntscr.com/ic7fkz

Strong resistance level at 8k, 8,2k 8.4k


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