Bitcoin verses Bitcoin Cash! Which one do you prefer??? Post your comment stating your favorite one.

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Bitcoin verses Bitcoin Cash!

Which one do you prefer???

Many people claim one is better than the other!

Please post your comments on which one you prefer, why you prefer it, and where you see the potential price on 12-31-2018.

I have also included a YouTube video below BITCOIN vs. BITCOIN CASH - John McAfee & Peter Saddington.


I prefer Bitcoin since its most accepted and the standard of all cryptocurrency. Every coin is patterned after it. With $5 or so a transaction confirms in a respectable time frame. Roger Ver is too shady for me to trust in his coin. Many people think Bitcoin has seen its day, I think there are many wonderful days for Bitcoin ahead. Lastly the forks that provide users with free coins are next to none.

Thank You for committing on my post. I agree Roger Ver is a questionable character. It’s true at this point “bitcoin” is the reserve crypto currency! I am a fan of both as I am invested in both. In the future I do see a real battle between the two and hope they can operate in this digital world together. Have a great weekend!

I personally feel Bitcoin is overrated as well. Because, something is the "original" or "first on the scene", doesn't make it the better than what came after. Look at the American Dollar. It has ruled for a very long time and we are watching it become irrelevant daily. I am not a fan of Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. I am all about the Ether, so ALL things Ethereum I love. lol! But, I will always be loyal to Stellar as well.

Ethereum is rising and that is good in the competition of money. May the better cryptocurrencies rise more and more each day.

Nicely stated! I hold both and would love to see Bitcoin at $50,000 and Ethereum at $8,000 this year!

I agree @joeyarnolddvn My favorites and what I am heavily invested in is Ethereum, EOS, ETHOS, Stellar, Cardano, Tron, Golem and I have 1 NEO. lol! My husband gave it to me, otherwise I wouldn't be holding it at all.

Very good points against Bitcoin. If first was always the best, then investing in new and upcoming cryptocurrencies would be pointless. I love Ethereum as well, however EOS, NEO and Cardano are cutting into Ethereum’s market share. Thank You for your excellent comments.

I also am a fan of EOS, I am just a lover of Ethereum. It is just a matter of resonance for me. 😊

Original Bitcoin is more popular.

I am a fan of both. Why do you prefer the the original bitcoin?

Bitcoin is older than Bitcoin Cash and is bigger and more popular at the moment and Ethereum is second and the original Bitcoin BTC will continue to be the biggest for the next few years probably because it takes some time as the dollar dies and as people learn to transition to BTC, first, as it is more trusting in some ways for the moment.

Nicely stated. Thank You for sharing your views on Bitcoin. I would love to see Bitcoin at $50,000 this year.

I think that the BCH has better qualities, such as the size of the blocks. BTC is very overrated, a smaller block and high commissions. I prefer BCH

These are very good points you have made in favor of Bitcoin Cash. Thank You for weighing in. Have a great weekend!

sbd and steem. I think this will be a good year for this platform and its cryptos. I'm not so sure about bitcoin though.

I believe we will see huge jump in Steem this year. Once Bitcoin has returned to the $20,000 level, we should see Steem double in price, maybe even triple! This is going to be a really exciting year for ALL Steemit members and investors. Have a great weekend!

Hopefully this year steem can go up on it's own finally. You too!

I think we will see the Steem price double or triple this year. Once the market recovers we should have a serious jump in Steem price! Have a great weekend!

Definitely. If we got our bandwidth up maybe we could hit $100 this year. You too!

Bitcoin has a larger community and still many technical innovations in the bag (segwit, lightning, tumbling etc.). If they fully exploit their potential, the market will be purged. What can BCH do better than BTC? Please do not come now with the low fees. If you look at the number of transactions on the ratio is about 6:1 (BTC: BCH). If the same number of transactions run over the BCH blockchain, there is no longer a fee advantageBildschirmfoto 2018-02-04 um 00.39.48.png!

I think your points are excellent. I am a fan of both and use to mine Bitcoin (50+ mining rigs), when bitcoin was $50 in price. At that time the power costs outweighed the profits being earned. The only argument for Bitcoin Cash could be the speed of transactions (ability to scale effectively)! That said I believe we will see a Bitcoin hard fork that will close the gap in the very near future. Have a great weekend!

Thank You very much for commenting on my post. Have a great day!

I would prefer the oroginal btc

Thank You for commenting on my post. Bitcoin is an excellent purchase at the current $8400 price level. Have a great day! I hope you take this fantastic buying opportunity to pick up some bitcoin.

Hello my friend, please can you Tell me what is the Best option to whithdraw money from Steemit

Thank for your question. I would not recommend removing money from Steemit until you have a minimum of 500 Steem power. 500 Steem power will allow you to have more control over your Steemit account. If you wish to remove funds from your Steemit account I would send them to a hardware wallet. I recommend either the Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet.

Thank You for your answer , i ll wait until my Steem power is more powerfull. What about Blockchain wallet You think is good wallet?

I have Blockchain wallet and think it's decent for an online wallet. I personally believe only hardware wallets are safe. I use online wallets, however keep limited funds online. I have included a screen shot sourced from below. If you do not already have a hardware wallet I highly recommend purchasing one ASAP. Have a great day.

Screenshot (26).png

Thank You David for your advices, You right security of the wallet is the most important

Thank You for the dialogue. Have a great day.

Have a Nice day

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