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RE: Bitcoin verses Bitcoin Cash! Which one do you prefer??? Post your comment stating your favorite one.

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Hello my friend, please can you Tell me what is the Best option to whithdraw money from Steemit


Thank for your question. I would not recommend removing money from Steemit until you have a minimum of 500 Steem power. 500 Steem power will allow you to have more control over your Steemit account. If you wish to remove funds from your Steemit account I would send them to a hardware wallet. I recommend either the Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet.

Thank You for your answer , i ll wait until my Steem power is more powerfull. What about Blockchain wallet You think is good wallet?

I have Blockchain wallet and think it's decent for an online wallet. I personally believe only hardware wallets are safe. I use online wallets, however keep limited funds online. I have included a screen shot sourced from below. If you do not already have a hardware wallet I highly recommend purchasing one ASAP. Have a great day.

Screenshot (26).png

Thank You David for your advices, You right security of the wallet is the most important

Thank You for the dialogue. Have a great day.

Have a Nice day

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