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RE: Bitcoin verses Bitcoin Cash! Which one do you prefer??? Post your comment stating your favorite one.

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I personally feel Bitcoin is overrated as well. Because, something is the "original" or "first on the scene", doesn't make it the better than what came after. Look at the American Dollar. It has ruled for a very long time and we are watching it become irrelevant daily. I am not a fan of Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. I am all about the Ether, so ALL things Ethereum I love. lol! But, I will always be loyal to Stellar as well.


Ethereum is rising and that is good in the competition of money. May the better cryptocurrencies rise more and more each day.

Nicely stated! I hold both and would love to see Bitcoin at $50,000 and Ethereum at $8,000 this year!

I agree @joeyarnolddvn My favorites and what I am heavily invested in is Ethereum, EOS, ETHOS, Stellar, Cardano, Tron, Golem and I have 1 NEO. lol! My husband gave it to me, otherwise I wouldn't be holding it at all.

Very good points against Bitcoin. If first was always the best, then investing in new and upcoming cryptocurrencies would be pointless. I love Ethereum as well, however EOS, NEO and Cardano are cutting into Ethereum’s market share. Thank You for your excellent comments.

I also am a fan of EOS, I am just a lover of Ethereum. It is just a matter of resonance for me. 😊

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