What Will BTC Do Next ? | All Previous Predictions on Steemit so Far Right on Target !

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As you can see from my previous Bitcoin Predictions.
I have so far nailed it each time when majority of the gurus said quiet the opposite.

I am not an expert and although I give my best shot It is possible that I will not always be right.
However so far all predictions 100% right on Target.

Here is the link of my previous blog post:



To see my earlier posts you can go and read my previous blog posts on Steemit

*This is not a professional or investment advice. This is just my own opinion

Now, the big Question:

What will BTC do Next ?

This time around I am really not sure and I will not count this one as a prediction. Quiet honestly, I have not done the analysis since I am not expecting much to happen specially in regards to Bitcoin going drastically high for the next week.

Hopefully I will get to sit down with my charts and other forms of research I use this weekend.

But what I do want to say is to closely "WATCH" the previous lows of $6400 and $5750

If these 2 BTC levels are brokenand it falls below, then this would Not be a "good" event for those of that want BTC to do well in the very near future.

Of course, on the long run I am Bullish

But for now If BTC goes below $6400 and then goes on to break $5750 then over all this is Not a good sign.

I just wanted to do a very quick brief Post.

I will look more into analyzing the situation and do another post within a week.

Cheers ! :)

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Bogdanoff snap the finger, and bitcoin starts to disintegrate...

The bitcoin will drop just bellow he's production value, just like gold, and then will start to go back up. The problem – nobodu knows what is the production value :) In Venesuela, you need to spend ~$600 to create 1 bitcoin. In USA: ~$4500. In UK: ~$8400.

haha Awsomee ! @karolynaz

That is quiet an interesting take on the situation. Will look into this.

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