Is the BTC futures market the reason why Cindicator is calling for a crash?

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2018's crypto market is nothing like the years before. This year we have tax laws, BTC futures, and insider trading with the South Korean government. Trying to accurately forecast the crypto market is nearly impossible without keeping up with EVERY fine detail of what is going on.

BUT, there are tools that can make this task easier. Tools like Cindicator that has done a very GOOD job and forecasting what the market will do. Many people report making 1-2% a day profit utilizing the Pro level of Cindicator. This very same bot that has earned the trust of many is predicting a very dark scenario followed by some of the greatest news we have heard in a long time.

Take a look at the video and tell me what you think.

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Nice video. I appreciate you sharing the possibility of market crash with steemit community. I recently registered with cindicator and I have the beginners package. Do you think its worth it to upgrade it to the traders package if cindicator price drops in the future?

Wow. 400 billion cap. If that happens how can we make good trades. It just seems like we keep getting kicked in the nuts.

400 is no big deal... it was 70 bil in april..... will all rise again

Im new to dtube. What do the money amounts mean?

I was going to buy some BTC today.... I'll hold off a little longer.

I agree with what you wrote but I believe even CND bot could give a stronger correlation on some of the factors (67% has not always pan out exactly but accurate with changes based on the question of when, duration, etc.) . Again, the market has been weird and I hope we get some stability and start to move forward... CND has been accurate but the correlations are not as definitive as I would like...

It is also interesting, what will happen with the crypto currency, but Cindicator a cool thing for a long time drew attention)

100 comment? That is too easy..... I could just write 90 comments

Haha just when you are mentioning a meltdown on marketcap your computer gets a mini meltdown, that is some AI action there.
But joking aside, it was a really well made video, wall street manipulators are in action again.

103 subscribers! - getting in quick with a comment lol. I'll post a more meaningful comment when I've watched the vid if I have something to say. Congrats Kris!

I'm switching over to D-Tube, youtube is too commercialized

This prediction is no better than Nostradamus predictions. A real calculated prediction tells WHEN it’s gonna happen. Saying that beween now and 28 Feb is not good enough. We all saw maket fall beacuse of future trades last week. I wouldn’t be surprised when that happens in February too.

Really hoping these coins will rise up!!

hi mate been following you for a while, just joined steem and now i will give you a thumps up every video you do. keep up the good work, love from the UK

The Futures market has gone bullish recently with 1000+ hedge funds going bullish for the next contract

I remember seeing somewhere that Visa is trying to suppress the use of bitcoin by not letting people buy/sell bitcoin with their card. Mainly blocking them from coinbase and wavecrest. Do you think that cash app can see a similar backlash?

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