AS PREDICTED: IOTA and NEO are crashing. They downvoted me for warning about this! + Lessons learned for Steemians and investors

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As predicted 3 days ago IOTA and NEO are now on a bearish trend. There was simply no way these coins could continue on their upwards trend being listed on so few exchanges that are mostly available only in Asia. Eventually volume was bound to dry up and, as expected, it’s been happening lately.

You can read my initial post here:

NEO chart.png

IOTA chart.png


I have to say that the reaction to my initial post was shocking to me. I was even down-voted for it! I guess by people who didn’t like what I was saying. They saw my post as kind of pooping on their party coins.
I guess the lesson here is that people who click on posts for information on particular coins do so because they “like” them in the first place.

So, posting bearish views on Steemit is a bit complicated because biased people will come to your post and will take as an affront to their viewpoints, rather than analyze them and provide opposing facts to refute what you are saying. Tread carefully…


Investing and feelings are supposed to be opposite and profound enemies.

Whenever you find yourself investing based on feelings, on you “liking” a particular coin, you are doing it wrong!

The only feeling money ever had was for that cold hard bitch called "Mathematics" ;)

If you want to adopt a more methodic and “cold” strategy to crypto investing take a look at what I have been doing with great results for the last 3 years. It’s based on the teachings of Ben Graham and his most distinguished disciple, Warren Buffet.

Hope you find useful, comment on it and help me and the community make it even better:
What percentage should you invest in each cryptocurrency to become a millionaire? A guaranteed winning strategy (updated 8/16/2017)


Crypto is siphoning off gold’s market cap. Bitcoin could increase 50x in price by stealing Gold’s thunder

Trump is NOT threatening nuclear war with North Korea. He is talking about this non-nuclear but incredibly powerful weapon!

Bitcoin is mooning! Find out what’s causing this increase in price

Tell me what you think about this post in the comments below. This is not professional investment advise. I'm not your financial advisor. Only invest money you can afford to lose!  

Happy crypto investing!   


very informative

great post

love it!

I don't know neo it's not so awesome

KInd of lost you on what you mean there

Just a huge sale tbh! I think theyll make a bounce back. They're built on amazing ideas

The market doesn't care abut amazing ideas, it only cares about execution, volume and network effect. Like I said on my post: don't ever invest on feelings!

Everything that goes up eventually go down, so it was an easy call. If you do some trading and technical analysis is based exactly on that, markets move both up and down, specially when they are in a bubble.

IOTA and NEO went up a lot so they had to come down also, they were in a bubble and bubbles explode.

If you do the charts against BTC you will see the bubble much better, it is not very useful to do the charts in USD when BTC is going up and thus making everything go up also against the USD.

BTC will go down also, it has been going up for far too long and the longer the rise the bigger the fall, but once it falls it will go up again. When? No one knows, so do not try guessing tops or lows, do not hold on for ever also, better to learn how to trade professionally and profit from both the rise and the fall.

Totally agreed, I have that particular chart you show framed and looking at me right now on my office wall ;). Love your name BTW! You keep protecting our Freedoms my friend! Upvoted and followed.

Hey, you feeling lucky? Well, Do ya punk? hahah

Always my friend. Haha

"The only feeling money ever had was for that cold hard bitch called 'Mathematics'" ~ Worth an upvote just for that quote!

Seriously I can't understand downvoters... If you don't agree, argue your point or move on. This is STILL a country with the right to speak your mind; so do so, but respect the response you receive. Open discourse educates those with open minds. A downvote only displays one's intolerance to learn & grow wiser.

Hi longshot, I took notice of your liking and memefied the quote. Thanks! Take a look:

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thanks for sharing.

Downvoting should negatively impact the voter 2x
Like CPS & disgruntled mother-in-laws, it turns the platform into proxy war zone.

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