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RE: AS PREDICTED: IOTA and NEO are crashing. They downvoted me for warning about this! + Lessons learned for Steemians and investors

in #bitcoin6 years ago

Everything that goes up eventually go down, so it was an easy call. If you do some trading and technical analysis is based exactly on that, markets move both up and down, specially when they are in a bubble.

IOTA and NEO went up a lot so they had to come down also, they were in a bubble and bubbles explode.

If you do the charts against BTC you will see the bubble much better, it is not very useful to do the charts in USD when BTC is going up and thus making everything go up also against the USD.

BTC will go down also, it has been going up for far too long and the longer the rise the bigger the fall, but once it falls it will go up again. When? No one knows, so do not try guessing tops or lows, do not hold on for ever also, better to learn how to trade professionally and profit from both the rise and the fall.


Totally agreed, I have that particular chart you show framed and looking at me right now on my office wall ;). Love your name BTW! You keep protecting our Freedoms my friend! Upvoted and followed.

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