Stellar are giving away free Lumens to Bitcoin and Ripple holders

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I have some good news for you if you are holding Bitcoin or Ripple

Last year Stellar gave away 19 billion lumens to Bitcoin holders, and the giveaway for this year has just launched.

Which means:

Stellar are now giving you free lumens

All you have to do is follow the instructions they have posted on their webpage

More info here:

Thank you for reading and feel free to resteeem


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@CryptoDan... Sorry missed some of Your posts so I'm going back & UpVoting them now... and came across this post... Thank YOU... own some Bitcoin and will follow Your suggestions.

Hope You're having a Good Week !!


Hi @sacred-agent, no worries and nice of you to drop by.
I'm glad if this was of some help to you.
Happy 4th of July ;)


Thank You Dan AND Yes... based on the 5 Bitcoin I currently own, I would receive approx. 4,900 Stellar Lumens which based on today's price of Lumens would be $980... so I need to figure out how to "jump thru the hoops" to receive these Lumens by Aug. 27th.

Thanks Again Dan !!


You are most welcome :)
Wow, that's a nice bonus, I would love to hear how it works out for you :)

Nice! Just the type of info I like to run into 👍


I'm glad you liked it :)

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Thanks for the mention @screenname.
Keep up the good work :)

nice information, great! upvoted


Thanks my friend :)

Good info bro :D


Thanks my brother :)

Great tip! I have some Ripple laying around at the moment :D


You are welcome my dutch friend :)
May the rewards be plenty :D

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Thanks for info


You are welcome :)

I actually just claimed mine, very happy about it. What about you?


Mine are being claimed on the exchanges, so yeah :)
I saw your post Oleg and upped it.
It's good to see people are spreading this message as well.

Could you explain why are they doing this?


I think primarily to gain more users. A coin which is not actively traded in the market is of no value. There are few others which do something similar, clams for example


Makes sense @nrajesh


I'm no expert on Stellar, so I think you read it on their webpage :)

I'll definitely check this out as I have some ripple.
Thank you!


Great, and you are welcome :)

Thanks for sharing, hopefully we all can get some :D


Fingers crossed :)

Great share thank you for letting us know! Getting ready to go over and check it out now! Even though I barely have any stellar at the moment maybe will get some..

helpful as always! :)


Glad to help out :)

Thanks for the info. Heading to the link that you've provided! :)


You are welcome :)

yes , i bought some stellar at price 1100 satoshi , i hope the price will increase

Thank you very much for the tip I was not aware of. It's a good job 💰


You are welcome :)

Resteemed & following! Such a pity I don't have a Facebook account 😞
Thanks anyway!


Thanks @marieta88, just set up an account on FB with the bare minimums.
I'm sure Stellar will transfer the lumens to your account :)

thanks for the info :)
Stellar have great development team and have some good partnerships in Asia could be a contender for remittance markets,Global remittance around $600 Bill
More on stellars partnerships here:


By :Giulio Prisco


Thanks for the input I will check out the link :)

Great work brother

Fllow +

Thanks its a god info

Your post is very interesting and useful for new person in steemit. I like it.

Hi, take a look on my article about governments and blockchain in clash:

Thanks for the information @cryptodan! Do you (or anyone) know if this works with multiwallets like Jaxx or Exodus?


I think it should work on multiawllets as well.
Try contacting their support and hear them out :)

great offer. We must grab it before it is gone.


Yeah you have until agust I think :)