Bitcoin Slow Growth In Australia, MORE ADOPTION+HEALTHY MARKET

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Hello Steemians,

looking at the market today real focus on bitcoin, there's a lot of optimism and enthusiasm lot of just good stuff but I'm in kind of dissecting to exchanges which I'm really starting to think that coinbene going bad and we're going to call it full of wash trading within its own exchange something doesn't look good and I am not quite sure I'm still trying to dissect it.

Optimistic in the price trend of major crypto assets including Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Industry is demonstrating signs of growth and expansion.

But let's just look at this in two different aspects one that is absolutely great news because that means there is more I can say it's more accessibility and access to Bitcoins more people in Australia, more convenient access I don't think it really adds any how can you save more access as if no more ways of access

I think it just adds ease of access obviously I don't think that's been causes to run to the moon but that definitely does give us a snow realtor even that small little bit of buys daily give me some people just one Bitcoin a day collectively 800 physical storefronts

That's not going to make us go to the moon but that's still good for the growth of Bitcoin right now on the downside of this I don't really see physical storefront initiative being necessary no place like Australia where is actually easy to buy was just a little the mobile app is very easy you know I think this is more for binance than it is for the rest of the crypto World truthfully speaking I think binance is actually trying to expand its reach and expand its Revenue opportunities and doing stuff like this is actually freaking genius just want to put that out there in the Seas launch on NASDAQ Bloomberg and Reuters

This is good because this means I put Bitcoin right Bitcoin on the minds of other investors and I mean this is it puts it in the air for you to see that right there is a good step towards finding a $10,000 bill slow and steady manner that's good news to me that night there was something we can Bank on her feel good about something else I want to come to point out though something is not so good news something that can actually still hurt many people and it's going to continue to hurt people as long as there's no regulation

Lee Kim Sung-Seoul-South Korea


Good read @crypto-simple

I'm patiently waiting until STO will become new trend in crypto space.

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Especially if your publication will be related to crypto,blockchain,AI, economy or psychology (just don't send me memos like every day hehe)

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Thanks Piotr!! Mate still learning on this platform and still have to figure out how to send memos and stuff

hi @crypto-simple

learning curve on Steemit is indeed very long and it's not an easy process. but hopefully you will have fun discovering new things on the platform :)


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