Amazing job

This helps to simplify the understand the terminology of crypto. Thanks so much for sharing Craig.

Bitconnect is a ponzi, Craig Grant and His wife Yuliana murdered Al Circelli

Check out truth revealed decades ago:!/v/ragetester/6xicf9st Feed the government! Or was I looking for a different f word?

Top useful value sells it self effortlessly, this post over merits that rank

Hey Craig, in the beginning I thought this would be a dumb brother video. But it is really very informative. Thanks buddy. I am upvoting and resteeming. Thank you again.

Thanks so much for posting this video. I enjoyed watching it. I believe it would be helpful for beginners to cryptocurrency to watch this. There are several crypto terminology that is explained clearly and eloquently in it.

This is a deep video. And I guess this is why universities are now offering courses on Cryptocurrency because there is a sexy educational component that should not be overlooked but, understood so that actors can act accordingly in the community while interacting with the blockchain ecosystem and its crypto-economics. Deep shit lol

Looking forward to watching this video. I am a south florida crypto hustler! I just made an introduction post and would appreciate it if you get a chance to check it out and let me know what you think!

Hello From Lee County!

Man, I've been watching Graig's videos for about a week now. Went back in his archive to view older videos. What I would give to have found his Youtube channel just a few months sooner? I can't imagine. I'll be investing in bitconnect along with him. I see how he makes investments and moves different crypto-currencies between platforms and just shows openly how to make money. Not many people would eagerly share this knowledge openly.

Openly thanking you. I can't make next month's Jamaica trip(jokes), but you'll be seeing my commissions in your down-line for sure very soon. Bless You bro and thanks for sharing. We're in Lee County, FL over here.

That fly at 6:15 scared me

Thank you for sharing this spectacular video Brother Craig

These vedio's are proving to be good for me, because if i look back few months ago there was not much i knew about cyptro-currency. Finally now getting some info to understand. Thanks @craig-grant

Great stuff crypto 101 information at a very down to earth level

Great post and better information!

I beleive me everybody like your post.

Thank you! very informative.

This is so great. I feel like I just witnessed the future of education, only it's not the future - it's the present. Thank you for sharing, Craig.

Great video...always entertaining bro

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