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in bitcoin •  last year

Religion = to rely on external confirmation.

Light is true clarity, and dark is lies and confusion.

Every person is right where he or she needs to be in my world, not lost... Craig :)


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I just put in 28 grand into Bitconnect. I am gonna put in another 4 or 5 Bitcoin. I am doing this to buy EOS with my payments :P

Bitconnect is exploding in a good way. Everything coming out as of late has been super positive. And for those still on the outside looking in, what are you waiting for? You may be missing out of the next revolution. You trying to tell me the lose of $100 or $1000 is enough to make you wanna miss out on all of it all together?

@craig-grant very smart getting in and sharing about BCC back when it was around $10 now it is $100 today! Thank you for the upvotes on the upvotable post and the changelly tutorials today!


thank you @jerrybanfield, now that you've joined Bitconnect with my referral link from the description of this video on youtube, I just need your BCC address to send you the tokens for your first $1010 BCC loan... Craig :)


Craig thank you for sharing the link with me here! If I join in the future, I will reply with another comment! Today I am so far behind on what I already have to do I am putting off starting anything new until I catch up!


lovely, no rush

I started out with a small amount of loans about 6 weeks ago, and couldn't do the daily reinvest because I wasn't getting enough interest, but in just 6 weeks, I've achieved the DAILY reinvest. Makes bitconnect a lot more fun to play!

I've done a bitconnect loan and everything has been fine so far but I still think it's probably a scam, time will tell

Great video share. It's good to hear about this guy's experience with the BCC community in Vietnam. It's good to know the reasons why they continue to remain anonymous.


Your welcome, I will take a look at your post.

thumbs up!

I'm still pretty sure it's a ponzi! Very elaborate. Many people will make tons of money, but the people late to the game will be f-----!

Very informative ! Thanks for the video @craig-grant

Great information . Going to invest in bitconnect . skyrocket is ready. Thanx for sharing @craig-grant.

great post as usual, thanks for sharing


Yes, I like these words by you -- Every person is right where he or she needs to be in my world, not lost.
Everyone is trying to become what he's not. May be he's wrong in his own perception. But your words are really true @craig-grant . You are a money maker plus a philosopher :)

I have BCC but I do not know how to change it
Please help me @craig-grant

keep up the good work, earning my upvote and respect for a job well done

That's tremendously cool that he went to Vietnam to check out Bitconnect.

i think you make a great point as to why they would maintain such secrecy; I guess we'll find out. Nice video; thanks!