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Today is another objective stance on a very touchy subject.

This debate has been raging for two years. I'm sure I'll hurt someones feelings.
That's alright. :)

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Hi Clayford, in my case, the reason that I bought a few BCC on the ViaBTC is because I do not own BTC (because I think that it's a bubble and it's outdated) but I wanted to speculate on BCC and get more of it for less dollars.

Getting BCC your way, by just owning BTC, it would cost me $2500 per BCC/BTC pair.

BTW you don't have to buy BCC with BTC on that exchange. You can deposit CNY or LTC also.

But now I see that BTU is trading on Bitfinex and I never noticed that before. Are there 3 options? Or are Bitcoin Unlimited and |Bitcoin Cash going to join forces??

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Great post. Please read my biggest danger in crypto, would love your feedback -

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