Blockfolio Addiction Support Group

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Sunday Morning 9:02 am: Had a late night last night and I should sleep in for a few more hours, but I really have to check my blockfolio. Maybe something bad has happened in crypto that I need to be aware of or maybe something awesome has happened and I need to think about selling some profit before it goes down again. Or maybe even the impossible has happened overnight and I'll finally be getting that lambo today. Nope all good, all stable.

Should I say good morning to my girlfriend and wake her up? Maybe I could make her breakfast and surprise her, that would make her really happy. Na I'll sleep a little longer


9:03 am: Got 1 minutes rest then I thought I should have actually reviewed each coin properly and check the 24 hour ups and downs. Reviewed, all and everything was OK. Nothing has changed. I guess that's's not bad I guess.....better than the value dropping

Yes I have blockfolio addiction and it's more common than you think. A recent comprehensive survey conducted by myself found that 75% of the population are suffering Blockfolio Addiction (3 respondents). The other 25% aren't invested in crypto and don't know what blockfolio is (my mate Robbo the idiot)

How do you know if you suffer Blockfolio Addiction (BA)?

Do you check your blockfolio before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up?
Did you check your blockfolio while reading this article?
Do you refresh you blockfolio when your friends are talking to you about boring topics (anything other than crypto)?
When you are bored instead of watching porn do you refresh your blockfolio first?
Are you infinitely happier when you blockfolio shows you gains and morbidly depressed when you see falls?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions than you are suffering from BA. If you answered yes to all then you need serious help.

My mate Robbo says the best thing to do is stop investing in "magic internet money" and get back onto investing in horse racing, pokie machines and spend more time watching porn.

Interested to hear from others suffering from BA and how you are dealing with this serious affliction


hahaha check check check check check so many checks... i need help 🙈LOL
But I think though, if you can look at blockfolio and that's it, just look... I think youll survive, if you hop on the computer after every time u bust the app open... theres a group somewhere for ya :P
cheers and thanks for the awesome read. upvoted :)

Haha. your sex life ever interrupted because you checked a notification of blockfolio. Ever stopped having sex because your coin was dropping too fast, and caused you to freak out?

Yeah I have the habit of regularly checking Bittrex, Poloniex, Steemit, etc, etc. But I'm nowhere near as obsessed as described in the post. :)

Someone seems to be in control....hmmm must be part of the 25%!

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I like that . I am using blockfolio too.

This is my exact problem. GF asking to go and hangout out and all I want to do is stare at my computer screen. hahahaha

I like the story. Thanks!....In investing & making money, the faster you run the behinder you get...checking prices too frequently causes you to make irrational decision and in the long run you lose more than you gain, while you made your broker richer!

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I used to do the same with gold and silver price checks. Eventually I just grew outta it. It's always gonna go up and down and u gotta realise if youre in this for the long-term you're only gonna drive yourself nuts checking the value of whatever alot. Because it doesn't really matter..

You need to join Robbo in teaching others how to beat BA!

I use Coin Cap. It's thoroughly addictive if you want it to be, as well. I had to back up off of it and put my cup down...

I swear I'm not addicted!! I can stop whenever I want!

You need my mate Robbo's help!

Great read man! Went ahead and gave you a nice upvote.

I'm there....funny when I first started it was just a bitcoin gamble...almost lost it rose...kept was ether that did me in...low buy in...took sell? buy? sell? Oh my God...this could be my easy mean it can go down and hard? Sold off most...spread the too many coins...too many quotes to follow...blogs to read...charts to read...maybe its time to start a '12 step crypto group"....

I hear you brother. Robbo thinks 12 steps are too much though, he has trouble remembering more than 4 things! Start with porn and then take it from there!

For me it started with a piece of bitcoin, now i have portfolios and various wallets and various crypto blogs notifying me every 10 seconds, would anyone like to buy a somethingsomething coin?

Good to see a fellow aussie crypto enthusiast. Good luck with your addiction. Common wisdom would say that the first step is recognising the problem, whereas i much prefer to go with hard drinking and doubling down on the denial stage. Voted and followed :D

Thanks for the support mate. Ran your advice past my mate Robbo,he has no issues with the double down! Followed back

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Step away from your screen...

Classic Strayl-ya! Upvoted!

I feel the hurt, and the biggest problems the robbo's of the world dont understand us! And with that I mean my wife dusnt understand me, ohw the struggle, (just checked blockfolio ;-)

But the question is are we doing something wrong because the first user of the telephone was also crazy, and see us now. So maybe we are normal, or is the ant normal.

The struggle, checked Blockfolio again ;-)

Thnx for the support man!

Ignore the wife if blockfolio shows you've lost some cash! Treat her nice if your value is up!

¿Does all this applies to CoinCap app for IOS too? ;)

Yes! You may need to join BA support too!

hahaha same here....

You need help dude!

Damn, the first weeks of investment and trading were exactly like that, checking in more times a day, and with the 1st of August event there is even more paranoia! Anyway I invested in some long term coins, so I wait for now and when I want to spend a day trading I just focus on that. Now I kinda check once a day what the value of my coins is! Anyway I do not know blockfolio and I find it interesting!

Obviously nothing beats watching porn. :-)

That's what Robbo says too!

I think checking regularly

Haha very good. Upvoted and followed just to hear more of Robbo's insightful analysis.

Thanks mate, Robbo is planning on further BA sessions in the future. stay tuned! Followed you also

Let's form the group, BAA (Blockfolio Addicts Anonymous) we can have meetings to talk about our addiction problem a la Fight Club.

You know whats even worse, when you forget your phone before you leave and your forced to pay attention to things, like in my case had to watch a movie and be 100% commited to it, I just about lost my mind, I think Im having trouble even listening to peoples boring conversations. Even harder is trying to look like your actually trying to pay attention. Im finding it exhausting. I think my swipe down finger has a calis from swipping 10000x a day.

I dream about refreshing my blockfolio!

Definite problem of mine. I feel FOMO coming on every time I log in and see a coin spike that I didn't invest in!

Yup such a mood killer!

haha im terrible....i swipe to update my portfolio ever 30secs

help me please, im just waking up and i want to check my blockfolio . help me to say no to it. im following a therapy to forget about blockfolio called Blockfolio addiction , i can give you the quitline number if you like to follow the therapy. We can help each other to quit. My name is 'G' and im a blockfolio addict. i quit for a few week but i couldn't help, i connected again a few day before... please help me . i've have been addict to it for 2 months, don't start using blockfolio please my friend. i just create a new ico to help people ending their dependance about blockfolio and to allow everyone to end up with this terrible addiction. Everyone against blockfolio
We are planning to sell 10 million coin. i will give you my paypal account soon, and i will send you your coin by email hahahaha

Thank you for sharing your story. You are not alone! Just listen to Robbo!

This certainly applies to me. At least I dont trade on my phone. Trading on phone ruined my social life. :-)

Seek help my friend!

I have answered YES to 4 questions of these 5. To all except the last one (5).
So, do i need help???
Hmmm,,,, I"d better not wait.

#HELP !!!

Follow Robbo's instructions for your path back to normal!

I don't find it a serious affliction at all, I can go for hours without checking my Blockfolio...Well that's if I don't wake up inadvertently after dreaming about my Blockfolio, but that doesn't count does it ?....Does it ?

Sounds like you are at stage 1!

Totally! Can make or break a mood! Not healthy!

Yeah the last 2 weeks has been awful, but the last few days have been great!

An heres me thinking I was just strange lol

Now you know! Join Robbo's BA support group!

Hi. My name is Lawrence and I am a BA......

Welcome to the group Lawrence.....tell us your story!

Well.... I was just a regular guy a few short years ago. Had a regular job devoid of any meaning , took an annual holiday by the ocean... usual stuff. Then one day while walking back from my lunch break I came across a stray DOGE. I took it in and that was the beginning of the end. I would DASH out of social situations anxiously searching the latest moon, not caring an IOTA what my friends thought. My STATUS at work tanked. IT was crypto clear to anyone who cared to look that I was running out of STEEM but I had to hang in and burn fiat. MY lambo day would come I knew it. Soon I stopped eating to afford more crypto. I developed an ETHereal look from living in the basement constantly checking my Blockfolio like some GOLEM hodling his precious... I have reached the end of my TETHER

Great post hold your coins amigo and wish the best for the beginning of the new year 2018 !

Nice info about BlockFolio.

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Go for a walk!!! ;P

Let me just check my portfolio first!

Thumbs up and an upvote to a post that we all can relate to. Keep them coming :)

HAHA! Great! I think that the potential of crypto addiction is under researched

We all know the struggle is real!

I definitely had this problem although recently I had an idea for how to improve content on Steemit and since I haven't checked my BlockFolio once. Is this a cure? :D

Here was my idea

Followed it and hoping to win your upvote dude!

You just did ;)

Legend, cheers!

Its ok mate. You are not alone!

Hey Great Post . Is blcokfolio like safe to store crypto assets.. could you share a weblink please.

Blockfolio is a portfolio tracker. Either on ios or android, such search for it in your app store

I have the addiction as well. My wife finally snapped at me and told me to take all the blockfolio price alerts off my phone. The constant price alerts were driving her nuts.

Wive's don't understand the struggle! We need the alerts so that we know when we have to sell to buy the lambo!

Upvote for lambo mention alone ;)

Inspirational write up! Keep up.

I know the feeling.

However, I have stopped looking at my app (Coin Cap) in terms of value if I know that I dont have reached a new All Time High. The last All Time High for me was around a month ago.

But I believe that Bitcoin will make a new ATH soon and that will most likely result in an ATH for my portfolio as well.

I agree. 4k BTC on the horizon

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Ha Ha, yes one can immerse themselves into the world of crypto investing. The market can seem erratic, especially from anyone without the technical skills to have a higher certainty rate of trading. Of course, unless you have an inside track to know ahead of time something that may trigger a big BOOM for a certain coin. In that case, you've stashed your coins in anticipation of the big Bounce so you can sell some. All of this leads to an adrenaline rush, along with money and dreams of getting that much needed vacation trip to a sunny beach!

lol great post! I ended up building my own spreadsheet in google sheets but it is a pain to use lol

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