Daily: Bitcoin Cash Flippening / Conspiracy

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Bitcoin Cash took the markets today by storm - almost taking the position of the number 2 crypto for a while. Is this part of a larger conspiracy?

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It was a nice attempt. but it will never happen. we will never see it get to .5 btc again!

You may be right, but I'd never say never


Is that a "Bot" response luisneira or your entire thoughts on the matter? Inquiring minds would like to know.....

Bitcoin will stay on top.
Thanks for informing!

Yeah, there were several black swan events this week, each more crazy than the previous one:
(1) statement on the cancellation of segwit2x
(2) dramatic rise in bitcoin cash price, culminating in a crazy flight sunday morning, not to mention bitcoin network getting super slow
(3) and then the dramatic drop, within 5 minutes & with major exchanges, Bithumb, Bittrex, Poloniex etc. suddenly simultaneously crashing

And there will be more uncertain events within the next few days
(1) bitcoin gold finally dropping in a few hours
(2) bitcoin cash network upgrade
(3) segwit2x, will it happen or not and, if yes, then how?

ya gotta love it,,,,, this is the most exciting time to be alive in my lifetime !!!!!!

Nice - thanks for the update

Well good work man keep it up i like your work keep posting similar content :)

Great video. Keep them coming sir.

Bitcoin is Blockstream. Also be careful with exodus.

Hi, @boxmining, good video, there does seem to be increasing centralization surrounding the top 3 cryptocurrencies and market
manipulation wouldn't suprise me. I think the endorsment by Vitalik highlights this too. I posted on the events see my post here https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@johnchamberlain/you-cannot-be-serious

Very good post.
I have Resteem and Upvote your article for progress and forward together.

thanks for dropping some value!

I think there is another HUGE story that everyone is missing,,,,, the FACT that ETH is so NON-volitile over the last 2 months,,,, it has totally settelled near $300, has a great market cap, and has the largest VOL of any cryptocurrency. The foundation below ETH (all that volume) is making it stable and showing that it is one of the ONLY (with the exception of OneGram) cryptos actually backed by something physical (in this case an operating platform, perhaps to be overthown by EOS in the future).

The BIG story for NOW is that when one trades in and out of Cryptos they should be putting their coins into the "SAFE HAVEN" of ETH, where volatility is minimal and the future is positive.

What are your thoughts?

I agree entirely. If this bloodbath has shown us anything, it's that ethereum is definitely the most reliable of currencies. ETH is the one coin I don't mess around with trading, I just hodl because it's proven to be such a strong investment choice for the long run.

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hey how can i

bitcoin cash flying :)) What will happen after that? What do you think about that?

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it could be very interesting

Did you guys see the tweet Roger Ver put out recently about btc, eth, and bch?

no, give us a link please !!!

Gracias por compartir

I do not care who ends up on top, as long as they both race to the moon!!!

What are the implications for Genesis Mining contracts with this Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash situation? Does the contract lock you into BTC even if the whole market moves to BCC?

Crazy stuff on the exchanges last night!

It incredible that 1 bitcoin which was selling for less than $1.

But now over $6,000 is needed to just buy 1 bitcoin.

It amazing news to all investors

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wow.i didn't hear this news.just hear it from you.it was actually a great news.

The Flippening, I bet in a few weeks BCH will be the "Floppening".

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