Daily Cryptocurrency Trading Tips "Etoro" 23/10/2017 BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, DASH, XPR.

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Hello steemians i'm very glad to share with you my little experience on trading actually i decide to back to trade and i invest about 200$ and i choose my favorite platform Etoro  and i want to share my skills to everyone on the community and common guys let's make some money together just follow me.

Please note: 

1- Trading will not make you rich in one month.

2- Risk your own capital.

3- Money management : put stop loss 10% of your capital.

- Join me on discord channel.

- join EToro.

BTC : H4 Frame Buy Above 5,705$

LTC : Daily Frame Sell Under 57.11$

ETH : Daily Frame Sell under 293.99$

XPR : Daily Frame Sell under 0.2096$

DASH : Daily Frame Sell under 307.72$

ETC : Daily Frame Sell under 12.47$


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I believe in your articles .We have to take risks in life to be successful

of course @rudee but we can risk wisely thank you :)

I am new in cryptocurrency and bitcoin investing, but i try this one.Thanks!

you are welcome to join my discord channel thank you :)

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@bechir, wonderful post and quality information. I am completely new to trading online with BTC or dollar but i will give it a try. Post upvoted and keep delivering more info. Kudos

thank you @gimh hope you join me on discord discuss channel :)

Yes of course, i will be definitely be at discord channel. Goodluck

you are welcome :)

Hi @bechir,
I booked PROFITS in the Bitcoin Trade Today with my fractal trading systems. I publish my trades before I taked them everyday and update the Trade Diary. Please have a look at:
Would love to hear your comments on it,
Thanks :-)

alright thanks :)

Thankyou for this nice info

you are welcome :)

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