You should pay more attention to cryptocurrencies now !

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Hey steemit , today i want to discuss think about hype of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.
In 2017 in December was golden hype in bitcoin and any tv/radio/news tell us about bitcoin increasing and common people bought bitcoin at price of 10k, 15k, 17k,19k so bubble was at maximum.
if we look at trends of google:
google trends bitcoin.png

crypto trends.png

This google trend is looking same as price of bitcoin and crypto, so overall we are near bottom right now in terms of hype.
And its always good to buy then nobody is buying and sell then all is buying.
So basically now common people quit and only crypto enthusiasts,investors,bounty hunters and so on are here.
I think this year overall is good time to invest MORE TIME and RESOURCES into crypto, because its at bottom and now is good time to join ride before the crowd.

What do you think is it good time to buy more bitcoin now? will we see new hype of bitcoin in future?

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I think this year cryptocurrency will take steps to mass adoption, and we will see that back in a great price increase, just not so fast as before, more steady! Upvoted and resteemed!

I hope so. I have been wishing for that now and then since I've joined cryptocurrency

I feel like we need to expect one more bottom around 3k. We are still in an overall down trend. I think once we find that point one last time, then the bulls will be released! Looking at the run starting may June/July. So now is the time to cost average and accumulate

Yes i feel we have found the bottom
Good uptrend after new year.
Bulls are back

Digital assets are obviously the future as the Dollar is a thing of the past, and not worth shit anymore. It's like bringing back the Atari when Playstation 4 exist. Do people honestly believe crypto has no future when it's a futuristic asset that doesn't allow for over printing? The IRS already made laws for crypto to be taxed. Why would they go through the trouble of having coinbase tell on everyone that has invested over 20k on coinbase if BTC, and other cryptos have no future.

Well, I invested in Bitcoin back in 2016, I didn't need anyone to tell me if its good or bad, you only need to do research and that way you make profit

Hope In this year Crytocurrency day by day more increase. Thanks for this post.

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The bear market is a good time to take a look at the industry and have fun. Less people profit hunting nowadays but mainly experimentation, try sending coins around, play some dapps. Most important is the journey!

Crypto is very good, I advise people that heard about it and hasn't joined to join it now that there is no much crowd.

I hope it will really pump this year coz im so tired of losing...

nice post

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I can't wait for the bear market to be over and done with. Once the bull market begins, it will go to the moon.