Bitagro (Efficiency in agriculture, convenience in trade)

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Agricultural activities and trade have been the main work of people for centuries. In each period, the new production techniques, as well as business in vehicles has changed. In the first periods of goods, exchange occurs; in the following periods, various colored stones, mines, coins, coins, and nowadays digital currencies are used in commercial activities.
When we talk about digital money, we need to talk about the technology they are built. Because this technology, called blockchain, allows multiple access platforms to be used. Due to the technology underlying these transactions, digital money was invented and used.
The main objective of technological development and innovation is to make the world a more livable place. The main aim of the AGROCOİN project is this. As is known, the most critical problems in trade are trust. There is no need for trust as the platform will provide this trust with smart contracts. In other words, to create a platform where individuals and companies can lend to each other directly without having an intermediary between them.
Agricultural production directly affects the quality of human life. Food prices increased rapidly due to the food crisis experienced in 2007-2008. The solution to this situation is to increase productivity in agriculture by taking foreign investment.

AGROCIN believes in the importance of agricultural technology developed using new technologies. Attracting investors of large or small businesses will create smart contracts for the sale of manufactured products in the market. Barriers to trade and increase agricultural production in the agroindustrial market need to be eliminated. Some of these obstacles are:
1 - Information gaps arising from legislation between domestic and foreign trade rules
2 - The need for high-quality experts (lawyers, economists, translators)
3 - Prices rise due to mediators
4 - Inefficiencies in production and bureaucracy to prevent the rapid change of goods

To avoid long-standing bureaucratic delays as a problem of AGROCOIN has developed a solution to make international trade more comfortable and faster. The name of this solution is Agrodex. Thanks to AGRODEX, a global P2P platform, agricultural production, and food products can be delivered to buyers without a geographical constraint.
With AGRODEX registered suppliers, customers will meet with smart contracts and will be able to track the prices of food products in different parts of the world. They will be able to exchange transactions quickly. The project brings innovations in many areas. Agreement with smart contracts will result in economic benefits for the parties involved in the trade and therefore increased productivity. When we add the transparency and speed of blockchain technology to this, it will be pleasant to imagine the result.

The operation of the platform is as follows:

  • Exhibitor Bitagro IO. It registers in the system so that buyers and manufacturers have the chance to access the database.
  • AGROCOIN buys crypto money for use on the platform.
  • Selects a smart contract to purchase a product of reasonable price and quality.
  • Bitagro initiates the process of the transaction; it communicates with logistics partners for the purpose of guaranteeing the operation and for the delivery of goods.
  • The use of crypto money is blocked until the buyer receives the products.
  • When the buyer receives the goods, the restriction on the money is lifted, and the seller withdraws the money he has gained using the Bitagro platform.

Agrocoin will be the payment tool and transaction verifier between users. The token will be Etherium-based and will support smart contract technology. The exchange of goods and services in the agricultural sector, the exchange platform will be used to improve trade between users.
As a result, AGROCOIN makes it possible to exchange money between people with smart contracts. It will reduce these prices and contribute to the efforts of the world to become a better place.

Token Structure

Token AGRO
IEO launchpad Exmarkets Launchpad
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
Minimum investment 100 USD
Soft cap 5,760,000 USD
Hard cap 72,000,000 USD
Country Estonia
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted areas USA, China

Road Map



Useful Links

White Paper :

Author Ali Olgun
Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1876805
Mew: 0x16cB6b666053104d357D2b30a3b0b99f5887b8a6

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Projects like this that is to practical daily life are always a charming centre for me. Thanks.

Bitagro will solve many problems in the field of food and agriculture.

Bitagro will eliminate the obstacles we face in order to increase trade and agricultural production in the agricultural sector.

We need to take a positive step for agriculture in our age because the system is harming this sector with many contradictions. Bitagro shines like a star with its rational solutions to these contradictions.

Thanks to AGRODEX, a global P2P platform, agricultural production, and food products can be delivered to buyers without a geographical constraint.

Trading platforms are one the most important actors in blockchain industry. I think Bitagro will do this perfectly.

Bitagro would help solve problems with efficiency innovations.

Agrocoin is a crypto coin that will become the means and guarantor of payment between users. And Bitagro itself has an exchange too. Very good project

AGROCOIN makes it conceivable to trade cash between individuals with savvy contracts.