26 moons and 2/3rds of a life later

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Hey people, how's things going in your life? Yep, I thought everything would be as awesome as mine! Well, maybe not this awesome because today is a big, big day for someone who takes such little steps.

I will give you a hint with a song:


It is my birthday!!

26 Moons woohoo! Who'd have thunk it?

I have been here on Steem for two thirds of my life - I bet there are very, very few out of the million+ accounts on Steem that can say that. Perhaps it is a record and I will get a birthday gift from @ned.

Neee-eeed....wheeeere aaaare yoooouuuu?

I like hide and seek too, Ned. You are one of the best players I have come up against and a formiddable adversary.


I am guessing he is busy composing a birthday song on his guitar. In the meantime, I will dance to something else.

Daddy bought me the glam fluffy cardie one day when I was cold. I wonder what he got me for my Steem birthday?

Maybe a .... Dolphin?

He's too cheap for that, so I will have to keep plugging away as I have a little way to go still. I should probably put a bit of my pocket money into Steem.

Daddy?? Can I get a 10 year advance on my pocket money?

I am betting by that stage, he is hoping that he can upvote me my allowance.

I wonder what the value of Steem will be when I turn 18, which just happens to coincide with the inflation rate becoming stable at 0.95? Perhaps zero.

Perhaps not.

Just to finish up, this was my bio from my introduction post all those moons ago.

  • I am very short and looking at the height of my parents, have likely peaked
  • Curiosity drives me and I love finding out how things work and then standing on them.
  • Books are a big part of my day and I love choosing what will be read
  • I have a very good memory which is surprising considering the genetics
  • I am a dual citizen and dual mother tongue (or will be)
  • Cheeky both in looks and attitude
  • My eyes are blue and I use them to express everything I need
  • Dancing has become my new favourite thing
  • From what I hear, I am fiercely independent

Steem hasn't changed me

although I am a little taller - but not much.

Happy Birthday to all those celebrating today, tomorrow and always on the Steem blockchain. Some of us might take small steps, but all of us are early adopters with a long way to grow.


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Happy Birthday to you! 🎂

Dolphins are nice, but how about a Whale? Keep asking, Dads can't hold out forever :)

Don't give her ideas.

Very shrewd to go for the advance with STEEM close to a 2.5 year low :)

She wasn't born yesterday... Almost.

Dads can't hold out forever :)

Eventually, he will lose his grip on his faculties... and then his keys.

Awesome singing girl.
Fiercely independent hey? Well I have no doubt about that at all.

Congratulations and hope you had a nice birthdaycake.

Thank you! No cake because of allergies to just about everything, however I did try honey dew melon for the first time ever :)

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You are just too darn cute. Happy birthday my dear!! ❤️

Glad to have you here, you bring a smile to many faces. And yes don’t worry about your old fart of a dad.. soon he won’t even remember his own birthday, let alone his Steem keys. Then you shall be a beautiful whale 😉

Kiitos! (Thank you)

I am speeding up the process to beautiful whale-dom by not letting Daddy sleep more than three hours in a row. He is a wreck - everything is going according to plan.

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I don't swear often... but..