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The three-toed woodpecker (Picoides tridactylus)

I see this strange woodpecker only with the approach of autumn. He flies into the woods along with the rest of the wandering birds. I don’t know where he spends time in other seasons; most likely he lives far away in coniferous forests.
Noteworthy for hes appearance. Namely, first of all, with his bright yellow hat (males). They also have a lot of black stripes on their faces. And of course, that’s why they got their name - they have only three toes on each leg.

Very friendly, not at all afraid of people. Moreover, above three meters he does not climb a tree. From which it can be photographed even on a phone or on wide-angle lens!





So beautiful woodpecker 😍


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Действительно это его шляпа. Я сначала думал, что он вымазался во мхе когда клевал его.

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Such a lovely Woodpecker! I love that it has yellow on it's head!

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