Employment... The restricting law

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The level of unemployment is rising in the economy while some set of people also find pleasure in making it more difficult for young graduate to get employed. This is a country where this so called rich men, companies owners, politicians and other influential people in the society enjoy the luxury of jobs without pains or stress.


Those that fought for independence especially Awolowo has a clear road map for the country future but saboteur won't allows the plan to see the daylight. Nigeria of today has refuses to expand it's resources along side with the emerging population. Most of those functioning companies, organization and structural laws in the early 80s that provide comfort for the citizens has either gone into extinction, died an artificial death or stolen away by our politicians.

A young higher institution graduate of today is expected to apply for a job with at least 5years working experience and must not be more than 27years of age. How do you expect to help the young graduate with this heavy criteria, the Nigeria educational system of nowadays doesn't encourage working and schooling at the same time how then do such graduate could have earn a minimum of five years experience.

Many people will say internship and maybe voluntary service. Of course, these are some ways of gaining experience but how do one manage the pressure of failure with doing a voluntary service. The standard of education is not high to favour the student but high to the detriment of the students. A Nigerian student that can't burn midnight candle to read must be able to cram in other to pass. This method doesn't allow for multitasking of brain.

There must be a review in the process by which employers of labour advertise job vacancy so as to help out young higher institution graduate. Employers shouldn't expect a young chap who just left the university to come and help build an industry he/she hasn't worked with before.

Instead of putting some restricting advertising law in other to reduce applicant rate, why not use the interview process. Of course, the interview are sometimes formalities but it could sometimes bring out the best in a job seeking graduate which can in turn convince the interviewer on the need why the guy/lady should be considered for employment.


Why not employed this young brain first and let them understudy. They learn more about the industry/company then they will be able to bring in more value and growth into the system.


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