📣 Your reputation on steemit should be rewarded. Earn SBD with your @reviewme profile!

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What is @reviewme?

If you still don't know what @reviewme is - then you're missing out big time!

Hi, I'm @kaliju! In my original post Introducing @reviewme, I talked about how you could eaily create your own profile page resembling something like LinkedIn, but way simpler (and cooler!), which you could then include in your signature of every post you make to direct people to your profile page so they could leave feedback about your blog or write a review about their experience dealing with you in the comments section of your @reviewme profile page. It's simple and it has a purpose...

The purpose:

You may have seen that little number next to steemian's name - it represents their reputation according to the algorithm of steemit.com. However, it is not enough to establish a true understanding of who the person is, based solely on his reputation score on Steemit.com

With @ReviewMe Profiles Your TRUE Reputation On Steemit.com Is Decided By The Community - people leave genuine reviews about you and your blog and that has tons more weight then some random computer generated number.

Once you've created your profile in one easy step as described here - You can then forever refer people to your profile to leave their feedback about you for years to come (if Steemit will still be around).

When other steemians review their interactions with you - they will give you, what we call, a credibility star or multiple cred. stars on a scale of 1-5.

They look like this: 5 cred stars Minty!

You'd be wise to start collecting as many stars as possible now, because...

The awesome thing about @reviewme is:

The amount of stars you collect depends on how many people are willing to leave a review on your profile, so, including a link to your @reviewme profile page in your signature of every post Is a good idea. Not only do you get upvoted for your high quality @reviewme page but...wait for it...You will be able to trade your collected ***credibility stars*** for real SBD and other prizes that will be announced shortly!

Currently you can exchange 100 @ReviewMe Credibility Stars for 1SBD!

How awesome is that!? Once you have accumulated 100x ![one cred star](http://bit.ly/1credstar) credibility stars - You will need to send a link to your #reviewme profile page to the @reviewme account. It will then send you SBD!!!


So what are you waiting for!

Create your official @ReviewMe profile today and start establishing your TRUE reputation on steemit.com according to people you interact with daily, and not some algorithm!

I have a little bonus for you, as well :)

If you submit your profile to the #PayItForward Contest Discord Server - I will manually upvote it to give you a little boost! Comment on any post from @thedarkhorse for the link to our discord! (Shows us you're a person and not a spammer/bot looking for a quick upvote)

Thank you and I look forward to your @ReviewMe profiles!




I like this idea, I will make mine later, and if you need me to translate it to Bahasa Indonesia, I will be glad to help too. I think this is another cool way to get engaged with community and followers too

Thank you! I'm excited to see that you recognize the potential here, plus it can be kind of fun to have your own page :D I'd give you five stars just for this thoughtful comment. Shows a lot! If you could please translate it and I will reward your efforts with what little I have. Thanks again!
I'm looking to have this post be translated: https://busy.org/@reviewme/how-to-create-your-very-own-reviewme-page-start-earning-credibility-stars-get-reviewed-by-steemians

Khamsahamnida 🤝, I will do my best to do it, though I probably not quite understand ho to decorate a post like you do, but I will put an effort into that post. You'll see it in the next 24 hours, shall I post it it or send it to your email?

Ahaha nice, surprised me with Korean ;)
Google docs is probably the best way to do ti https://www.google.com/docs/about/ Are you on discord/telegram?
There's no urgency, take your time please and do it whenever you can.

Not too active on discord, Internet connection issue, telegram, I have deleted my account due to "one handphone for two" agreement 😂😂. But Google docs is a the best way, I will let you know when I completed the mission.

I like Korean drama, not all of it, especially with great music involved, CN BLUE is my fave😄

"one handphone for two agreement" 😂 wow, you seem to be pretty much on top of things, few would know what you're referring to! Yes please, let me know when the time is right and you can put something together. Thanks again.

Great concept! I am definitely giving this a go :) Resteeming it so other people will know about it as well.

Thank you so much, I hope you have fun with it and collect thousands of credstars over time!

So you changed from yellow stars to green ribbons? 🧐

Am I starting from zero again?😁

Green ribbons are better and the best part is that they are interchangeable, so the stars you already have are yours to keep! Just keep adding to them :D

Btw. You should think about some #reviewme post in other languages. When i have some time i could make you a German version.

This is a really good idea.

That's exactly what I was thinking about doing last night! I reached out to some people and had it translated to Spanish already. It'd be nice if you can contribute some of your own magic to it :D

Seen the Spanish one. Gimme a little time and I will come up with something germagic

Hmm, sounds interesting. I will be giving this a go!

I'm looking forward to your page Bengy!

I am participating in the dynamics but I do not understand well how to obtain the server link in discord that mentions.

I leave the link of my profile as proof >> https://steemit.com/spanish/@c1udadan0x/mi-participacion-en-la-dinamica-reviewme-por-kaliju

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