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Good morning/afternoon/evening from wherever you joining us from, welcome to #aroundtheworld show with me @daniel-otaniel as your host. It's the third episode of the show and it promises to be amazing, sit back relax and enjoy the flight as we take you to the United States.
(Due to unforseen circumstances, this episode which ought to have been released yesterday was delayed till today, apologies for that. Thanks)


@daniel-otaniel: Welcome to the show, today we going to America, join me as I welcome our guest for today, the very talented, multi dynamic steemain @spencercoffman
(Cheers and applause from the audience)

@daniel-otaniel: It's so good to have you here Spencer.

@spencercoffman: Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to be with you today. I’m very excited to be interviewed. Usually, I’m the one doing all of the interviewing so this is a change for me.

@daniel-otaniel: Interviewing the inteviewer, I like that, tell us about yourself.

@spencercoffman: Well, as many of you know, my name is Spencer Coffman. I’m an online entrepreneur. That means I have websites, blogs, multiple social media accounts, YouTube channels, and also do a variety of things to make money online.

When I became an author, I decided it was time for me to make my presence known online. Therefore, I created a profile on many social media sites and also started a website. All of my books are available there as well as a ton of FREE resources and blog articles that people can use to help them succeed in life.

@daniel-otaniel: That sounds interesting. What do you do on steemit?

@spencercoffman: When I found out about Steemit, I dove in immediately. I saw the potential for this platform and realized that it is going to be huge in the long term. Therefore, I transferred practically all of my other crypto investments over to Steem and SBD. I wrote an article about it here

Like everything I learn, I want to share that information with others. It is the reason I write books, blog posts, articles, make videos, podcasts, et cetera. It is all about sharing information because, realistically, I don’t make much money online. At least not yet :)

I decided to create videos that will help people grow on Steemit and called this project @SteemitVideos. These videos are all over the web and a couple people have been kind enough to help promote them. @yabapmatt did an interview with me and @paradise-found has added me to the #greatfulvibes Discord server to help promote the videos.

The only way we can all succeed on Steemit is if we all work together. It is a community based on altruism. They give us money to use to give to other people. We can choose to upvote and allocate that money or let it go to waste. If we all upvote each other, then we all have a better chance of growing.

@daniel-otaniel: That’s so cool! Where are you from?

@spencercoffman: I’m really a citizen of the Upper Mid-Western United States. I’ve moved all over Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. However, my “home” is Northern Minnesota.

@daniel-otaniel: So tell us about the place.

@spencercoffman: It is a beautiful place in the summer when the weather is nice. In the winter, it is a frozen tundra. It is still beautiful, but it’s cold. Sometimes 30 or more degrees F below zero. The summer is really when it is best. There are so many lakes that it is usually pretty cool. And when it is hot, there’s always the water!

@daniel-otaniel: Quickly let's take a look at the history of Minnesota.

Historical Background

St. Paul International Airport


Minnesota gained legal existence as the Minnesota Territory in 1849, and became the 32nd U.S. state on May 11, 1858. The state's economy started to develop when natural resources were tapped for logging and farming. Railroads attracted immigrants, established the farm economy, and brought goods to market. The power provided by St. Anthony Falls spurred the growth of Minneapolis, and the innovative milling methods gave it the title of the "milling capital of the world".

New industry came from iron ore, discovered in the north, mined relatively easily from open pits, and shipped to Great Lakes steel mills from the ports at Duluth and Two Harbors. Economic development and social changes led to an expanded role for state government and a population shift from rural areas to cities. The Great Depression brought layoffs in mining and tension in labor relations but New Deal programs helped the state. After World War II, Minnesota became known for technology, fueled by early computer companies Sperry Rand, Control Data and Cray. The Twin Cities also became a regional center for the arts with cultural institutions such as the Guthrie Theater, Minnesota Orchestra, and the Walker Art Center.


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@daniel-otaniel: That's some great history.

@spencercoffman: It is certainly

@daniel-otaniel: You make some great videos on YouTube. Is your SteemitVideos your only video project?**

@spencercoffman: No, I have several YouTube channels. Currently, I have videos coming out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and the second and fourth Friday of the month. I also have a podcast that comes out every Thursday and one every Saturday.

@daniel-otaniel: WOW! Practically every day of the week! What are your Channels about?

@spencercoffman: The Spencer Coffman YouTube Channel is filled with videos about how to succeed on Steemit. It is where I post the SteemitVideos every Monday. I also post reviews of software, plugins, services, et cetera.

The How To Video Channel is filled with how-to-videos that explain how to do a variety of different things. Anything from home improvement to electronics. It’s sort of a fun side project.

The Michael Williams 67 YouTube Channel is filled with entertaining and funny videos. They are all jokes and other cool tests and quizzes. In addition, I create the music for the videos so that is a cool thing.

The Body Language YouTube Channel is where I post my Deception Tips Videos. It is a passion of mine to teach people how to detect deception so that they will be able to know if someone is lying to them. I also recently created a website called I also have books, blog posts, and podcasts dedicated to teaching people how to detect deception.

@daniel-otaniel: So much to learn from you Spencer. Where do I need to go, to have a real feel for your city?

@spencercoffman: If you want to really get the feel for Northern Minnesota you don’t go to a city. You go to the woods. The pine and poplar forests, the lakes, and ponds. You experience nature and become a part of everything around you. Of course, there are some pretty cool things to do in the cities as well. Minneapolis and St Paul have all kinds of historic and scenic attractions. Not to mention the Mall Of America. It’s a real concrete jungle.

Places of Interest

  • Mall of America
    It is locally known as MOA. It is a shopping mall located in Bloomington, Minnesota, United States. It's across the Interstate from the Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport. Opened in 1992, it is the fifth largest mall in North America in terms of leaseable space, the largest mall in the United States in terms of total floor area (including Nickelodeon Universe), and the twelfth largest in the world.





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  • The Munsinger-Clemen's Garden
    These are two separate, but adjacent gardens, which serve as a visual feast for St. Cloud residents. Munsinger is built on the site of a former mill that was converted into a park and garden in the early 1900s whereas Clemens serves as a memorial to Virginia Clemens who suffered from multiple sclerosis for over 40 years. The plot of land was bought and donated by her husband as a way to share his wife’s love of roses.





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  • Gooseberry Falls State Park
    Gooseberry Falls State Park is a state park of Minnesota, USA, on the North Shore of Lake Superior. The park is located in Silver Creek Township, about 13 miles (21 km) northeast of Two Harbors, Minnesota in Lake County on scenic Minnesota Highway 61. The park surrounds the mouth of the Gooseberry River and includes Upper, Middle and Lower Gooseberry Falls.





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@daniel-otaniel: Really amazing scenery here. What meal is most popular here?

@spencercoffman: It really depends on what type of food you like. However, the Upper Midwest is mostly Scandinavian, therefore, we eat a lot of standard foods like meat, vegetables, and potatoes. The most popular thing to eat, by far, is pretty much anything on the grill. People love to grill out and have a bonfire, picnic, et cetera.

@daniel-otaniel: I love grilled food, how often do you grill?

@spencercoffman: Personally, I grill at least twice a week. Even in the winter when it’s 20 below zero. I love grilled food and it is so much easier than cooking in the house. Not to mention, it is better for you and more cost effective. Most people grill once or twice a week in the summer months and hardly at all during our 5 to 6 months of winter.




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@daniel-otaniel: Are there customs or traditional festivals they practice there?

@spencercoffman: Not really. However, if you are in a city then there is always something going on. This area is kind of a melting pot of people. Therefore, every weekend during the summer there is some kind of parade, music festival, sporting event, community event, fair, et cetera. Especially in Minneapolis and St Paul.

@daniel-otaniel: With such environment, I'm sure a Nigerian would feel almost at home. What advice would you give to someone who wants to move permanently to Northern Minnesota?

@spencercoffman: Visit first. Then decide if you want to live in a city or in a more rural area. Do you want to live on a lake, near the woods, or both? There are lots of options. Visit first and see what you think. Be sure to visit in both the summer and winter!

@daniel-otaniel: What was your greatest childhood fantasy?

@spencercoffman: To learn as much information as possible and be able to share it with others and help them succeed in whatever they wanted to do.

@daniel-otaniel: I must say, thats quite amazing, Spencer, thank you so much for being here and doing this interview, we would love to present this to you.


@spencercoffman: You’re welcome! It is great to be here. Thanks for the gift too. Like I said before, I’m usually the one asking the questions so it is very nice to be able to give some answers for a change. I’ll come back anytime if you ever have any more questions.

@daniel-otaniel: we would be more than thrilled to have you again. So ladies and gentlemen, we've come to the end of this segment, do stay with us, as we bring you happenings from around the world.

Headlines from Around the World


  • Philippine Mayor shot dead at ceremony
  • Uganda imposes social media tax to curb gossip
  • Scientists capture first image of newborn planet
  • Mexico election: Leftist Obrador claims victory
  • Madagascar to hold Presidential election in November
  • Trump says Saudi King agrees to ramp up oil production
  • Blasts rocks Afghan city, killing at least seven
  • Embattled Merkel draws up new measures to tackle migration
  • FBI arrests man who threatened July 4 bombing in Cleveland
  • Notorious French inmates escapes prison in helicopter


  • EU: Trump risks $294bn trade tariff reprisals
  • Ivory Coast to invest 1billion Euros to replenish forest cover
  • Largest US business group attacks Trump, says President risking trade war
  • Nissan scraps potential $1bn sale of battery unit to China's GSR capital


  • WC: CR7 & Messi couldn't inspire their sides to the last eight
  • Basketball: LeBron James gets scooped on own $154 move to Lakers
  • WC: Russia stun Spain to make last eight
  • Boxing: Hughie on verge of IBF elimination
  • WC: Croatia pip Denmark to quarters
  • Tennis: Serena battles to Runs victory
  • WC: Neymar scores as Brazil make quarters
  • WC: Belgium edges Japan for quarter final spot


  • Rapper Smoke Dawg shot dead in Toronto
  • Harvey Weinstein facing 3 new charges, including predatory sexual assault
  • Justin Bieber's former neighbor demands for singer's arrest
  • Ed Sheeran faces new $100M lawsuit for 'copying' song
  • Drake: Wizkid and Tekno amongst the various artists behind the inspiration for my new album
  • Joe Jackson dies at 89

Happenings on Steemit


  • A daily contest for football lovers by @arunava, do check out his blog

  • @papa-pepper also have a photography contest, make you check it out on his blog

  • @mermaidvampire has an easy daily contest you could also join.

  • You could also check out @bunnypuncher blog for his writing contest


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Psycho - Post Malone ft TY Dolls $ign


Apest - The Carters**


Lucid Dreams - Juice WRLD


One Kiss - Calvin Harris ft Dua Lips


Nice for what - Drake


Sole - Clean Bandit ft Demi Lovato


No tears left to cry - Ariana Grande


Sad - XXXTentacion


Girls like you - Maroon 5 ft Cardi B

and for the third week on our musical top ten


I Like it - Cardi B ft Bad Bunny & J Balving

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So beautiful people, we've come to the end of the show, special thanks to @rebeccafl @ogoowinner @bookoons @zizymena @jeaniepearl @mediahousent @ehiboss @marvel1206 @julietisreal and @surpassinggoogle for their love, support, and encouragement. Also many thanks to my stremit family @genesisproject @naijapidgin @wafrica @steemgigs network, y'all have been too kind. See y'all again, same time, same venue next week.

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