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Liquidity Network provides a Ecosystem where anyone,anywhere in the world can enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology without necessarily observing its downsides, a full-fledged environments comprising both on-chain and off-chain transactions flying across members ranging from large financial exchanges like payments for merchandise and exchange of value between financial institutions to micro-payment and small value transfer including network service airtime purchase and payments for lunch, all deployed using Smart Contracts made possible by Liquidity Network

Liquidity Network ecosystem is a compendium of “two novel academic innovations: the Liquidity Hub NO¬CUST and REVIVE”, both working asynchronous to ensure “ blockchain payments for everyone”. Liquidity Network is a financial institution that offers intermediary services to payments and exchange of value using the Non-custodial technique of payments.

1.0 liquidity network hub

2.0 Features of Liquidity Network Ecosystem:

With a novel innovative solution in place, Liquidity Network has several advantageous features making it a solution to the decentralized financial exchange and payments industry, some of its features include:

Zero Transaction fees:

With the projections of permissionless decentralized ecosystems, honesty and trust of participants in any transactions were gradually replaced by transaction fees, Liquidity Network strives to bring back a system where members of a payment hub can carry out payments and other transactions speedily at no cost tat all for the transaction.

Instant Swap Through Hubs:

With Liquidity Network architecture, users can enjoy instant exchanges of value as their funds are not locked anywhere but is accessible to them and only them, just like in a conventional traditional market, hence overcoming the excessive on-chain transaction fees incurred by decentralized exchanges.

Professional Service Level:

Liquidity Network is an

official member of the Financial Services Standards Association (VQF), the leading, largest, officially recognized self-regulatory organisation in Switzerland directly under the FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority), and is working with one of the best law firms in Switzerland, Bratschi, recommended as one of the best in particular in the crucial field of compliance: Bilanz 2017, Top Anwaltskanzleien 2017

Source: Liquidity Network WhitePaper, pg 38

Moreover, Liquidity Network has a team of qualified blockchain programmers with a plethora of academic qualifications, ranging from front-end development,UI/UX to blockchain security. With a level of professionalism, Liquidity Network is set to create a whole new ecosystem in the financial industry.

User Friendly Products:

Liquidity Network Web and Mobile Wallets applications, uniquely designed with simple routing and flexible user-friendly functionalities makes it a go-to tool for financial institutions all over the world, in contrast to other financial exchange tools having rigorous exchange processes.

3.0 Use Cases

Liquidity Network has a widespread range of use-cases as it can be effectively applied to all works of life including
• Banking sector (daily transactions between customers and banks)
• Payments systems requiring fast transactions
• Security systems requiring safe storage and transfer of data
• Airdrop campaigns that involves distribution of tokens among large number of community members
• Video Gaming and live streaming applications that require fast transfer of data
• Online training and educational institutions storing and transferring data instantaneously at low transactional costs.

4.0 RoadMap

5.0 Anexes:

Stanford BPASE Talk

Brief explanation video


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