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Hello and welcome to our salon today. Our sincere gratitude to all those who made it to our opening, we appreciate your making out time to visit us again today.

Last week we had an amazing guest @zizymena with us in the salon and I'm sure you enjoyed her interview. This week we have another hair lover in the salon with us, you'll meet her soon.

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Here's a quick reminder of the services we render in our salon, we will give you;

  • the best and trendy hairdo for females and males,

  • the best advise on how to take care of your hair, weaves and wigs.

  • the best advise on taking care of your natural hair.

  • the best foods to eat to get the very best sheen/texture for you hair and skin.

  • and lots more

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Did you know that ordinary all back has different names in Nigeria? The names are almost always funny and include;

  • Snake and ladder
  • Ashanti
  • etisalat
  • One big, two small (lol)

The names are descriptive enough, which would you rock?

  • Bantu knots: this used to be a thing for ladies with short hair but it has since evolved to a trendy hairdo for naturals, short hair, long hair with various modifications. I really wouldn't advise you to rock the big ones if you are the type that do not sleep on your side.

  • Twists: raise your hand if you agree with me that this has come to stay. Asides the stress of getting it done because you'd sit for several hours (and don't forget, braids wigs has solved this problem), braids are totally cool; you can rock it for as long as you can while packing different styles. If you are the busy type, this is totally advisable for you but make sure you care for your scalp and edges while rocking it.

  • Adimole: this is a traditional hairdo in Nigeria. It is the normal weaving inverted. So many styles for this hairdo and it brings out your natural beauty. It also allows your hair to breathe. Would you rock this style? Send in a picture if you do.

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  • Skin tight: Goes well with a beard and for all occasions. Contrary to popular opinion, this hair is high maintenance to keep it nice always (you don't want a strand or two playing around)

  • Obama: named after the former President, it features a low cut but with fuller hair in front and lower hairs to both sides as well as the center and the back. It's trendy and cool.

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Today we'll be discussing how to regrow hair naturally.
You've lost so much volume? You want to grow it back without chemicals? Follow these helpful tips;

  • Use onion juice: I know it's like ewww...the smell right? It comes off after washing. It improves the circulation and blood flow in your scalp.
    How to use: Apply freshly squeezed onion juice to the scalp and to the hair. Let your hair enjoy it for 15 minutes before shampooing and rinsing.

  • Olive oil: it helps with clarification of the scalp and the hair follicles; use overnight and wash off in the morning. Extra olive oil works better, if unavailable/unaffordable, use pure olive oil.

  • Massage: we all need a little massage after a long day right? While getting your massage, don't forget your scalp, it will do your hair a whole lot of good.

Now playing the colours of the rainbow

Welcome to our natural hair room. Today, I'll be share some things you need to have as a naturalista.

  • Flexi rod
  • Toothbrush (to get 'em baby edges)
  • wide tooth comb (you don't wanna stress your wet hair)
  • silk/satin night cap


  • tangerines
  • spinach
  • yoghurt
  • sweet potatoes


  • Bama mayonnaise
  • VO5 conditioner
  • Cantu Shea butter
  • Apple hair products

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  • Trim off weak ends
  • Sleep on silk (like the queen that you are)
  • Dry with cotton (to avoid tangling)
  • Know your hair type (texture and strength) so you can use the right products for you. A 4C shouldn't use products meant for a 2A


@bookoons: Welcome to our salon today. Let's get this ball rolling How old is your hair?

@membee: I've been keeping my hair since secondary school, but it wasn't growing at all. It was stunted, hard and annoying. So I cut like half of it off in my 200 level.. like 3 years ago. Actually my mom made me 😢. I actually started taking proper care of it in 2014/2015. Thanks to my cousin, @kwinesther. She helped me nurture my hair to what it is now. Lol

@bookoons: Were you ever a natural?

@membee: I have no memory of being natural. I have always been relaxing my hair for as long as I can remember

@bookoons: How's the journey so far?

@membee: People are always like, "omg! Emem your hair has really grown oo. What did you use, bla bla bla" and it makes my head swell. I'll like to clear the misconception that your hair has to be virgin to be healthy. Natural hair is beautiful, no arguments there. I love natural hair. I'm even considering transitioning just that I can't bring myself to cut my hair 😭

@bookoons: What are your challenges so far?

@membee: My hair is not always the longest one in the room. But it's full, bouncy, healthy and very fine. When I started paying attention to my hair my key product was "ori" (shea butter) mixed with "weed" (marijuana) (ps. don't ask me how I got it) lol. It grew my hair very fast no doubt. But length isn't everything. I wanted a healthy hair and I also noticed that ori was not good for me. It dries up my scalp which is a very bad thing.

So enough gibbering, lemme go straight to the point and share my current regime.

My wash days are just like any other girl into their hair, a bit of work. I wash my hair with locally made black soap. Because all the sulphur free shampoos are too expensive. Lol. I use olive oil conditioner after washing. This conditioner is life! Believe me! It instantly soften your hair and is not like others that once you rinse it out your hair is hard again. I detangle with my fingers first then I use a wide tooth comb. Leave it on for 5-10 mins or more. Depending on my mood that day.

@bookoons: What advise do you have for people who want healthy hair?

@membee: Do not towel dry! It tangles your hair again and all your work goes down the drain. I dry with a cotton t-shirt. Try not to squeeze it. Just avoid tangling your hair sha. After I use Cantu leave in conditioner. I use the Argan oil one not the shea butter because the shea butter is made mostly for naturalistas in mind. The Argan oil is made for relaxed and treated hair. The shea butter is good too. I've used it before. Then I use coconut oil to lock in all that good moisture!! 😁😁.
If I feel like I blow dry. My dryer is the tiny one and doesn't produce much heat so it's good. Plus the oil already protects my hair from the heat. Avoid too much heat on your hair oo. It breaks it. You don't want that. I currently use hair wonder products. I use their cream on my scalp like 3 times a week. It's supposed to be daily but abeg no time. Plus it gets your hair dirty fast and I can't just deal. While I use their oil like once in 2 weeks. I noticed their products help with growth very well. It also gives my hair the natural black colour I like....Ermmm....What else.....Okay like 2 times a week I use my leave-in conditioner on the tips on my hair and lock it with coconut oil to avoid split ends and hair breakage. I have very healthy ends btw. Oh and most importantly, when relaxing your hair. Relax only the new growth don't let relaxer touch the already relaxed part of your hair. It causes hair breakage too. I relax my hair like after every 4 to 6 months. Never ever relax your hair less than at least a month if you must. But I recommend waiting 3 months. Give it growing space biko.
I will happily answer any question anyone has. The greatest challenge I face is hair breakage. But that part is over now. It's behind me. All in the past!💃🏾💃🏾. It is so annoying when you just comb your hair small and plenty hair will fall. Smh. It was so bad that even if I just put my hand in the hair and draw it small, strands will still fall off. Just follow the instructions I gave and that will be behind you too. My advise is be patient. Healthy hair is not achieved over night.😁

@bookoons: wow! Thanks a lot. Our dear audience, I'm sure you've learnt a thing or two from our darling guest. Be sure to send in your questions. Now, let's go over to our gist segment. Stay with us.



  • More dipping this week for crypto
  • we've all been watching the world cup and yeah, our home team won their match against all odds. Musa for the money!
  • everyone became hunters this week until some people decided to snitch, well it was a good run for the SBD
  • it's been raining a lot this week, get you a pull over.
  • Anty Linda Ikeji been setting boundaries
  • My sister's birthday was on Monday and we wasted money seeing a movie at the cinema...I won't tell you the name so I don't get sued.


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This question is for Nigerians; which do you prefer: not too young to rule or too old too rule? Why?

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Awww. Thank you for having me 🤗🤗🤗

Lovely tips I have really learnt a lot today. I agree with what @membee said about application of relaxer. Getting your hair relax at regular intervals kills the hair
Nice one @bookons

Thanks for dropping in. We are glad you've learnt something. Please, call again

The lady in the picture is really cute.. Lol.. Nice post by the way..

The lady in the
Picture is really cute.. Lol..
Nice post by the way..

                 - prayzz

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yeah...she's a beauty. Thanks for stopping by, please call again.

Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! @wafrica is now following you! ALWAYs follow @wafrica and use the wafrica tag!

It's always lovely being in your saloon. Nice one @bookoons. Nice tips for naturalistas, I'll try it out

We appreciate your coming in again today. Thank you.

I finally visited your salon. I love the tips you gave for natural sistas.

Thank you for coming in. We hope to see more of you.

M not a lady, but I can always come here to pick hair styles for my baby gal.. Thumbs up dear nd never relent.

Thank you. We are happy to help. Please, come again.

Twas a pleasure reading ur post, I learnt alot

Thanks for dropping in. We look forward to seeing you again.

You're welcome and I'll definitely stop by again

Hmmmm. It's nice reading through the show today. Keeping a natural hair is something that takes a lot of discipline and care to do. It's nice to learn from someone who had been through the process before.

I wish guys can also grow hairs just like the ladies too. But in this country they will be looking at you as irresponsible. SARS no go let person rest sef. I tire.

Kudos @bookoons for this show. Your boy is learning

Thanks for calling again this week. Yes, your hair speaks volume about you. Have you found the lady? Lol. Please come again.

Wow this is most exciting and interesting. I find it very educating as well. I thought my hairstyle was trendy tho but I guess imma have to reconsider assertion. Anyway I find the 'Obama style' very cool....very very cool. Plus it gives one the trait of a former US to speak..LOL

We are glad we are able to help, please call again.

Anothet beautiful ride
Thank you!
I enjoyed it

Thanks dear.

Nice one @bookoons, I enjoyed reading!

Keeo it up

Thank you for coming in.💞

Wow, i haven't been able to visit your blog in a while, i can say am really amazed as to the Cataclysmic overshoot of linguistical parameters. This is mind blowing.

Thank you for blowing my head with your vocabulary. We look forward to seeing more of you.

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