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We are surrounded by diversity, from all around us. From the different species of a plant to the different varieties of food all around the world. From the different types of fabrics to the different types of styles made out of these fabrics or even how we wear them. Diversity is all around us, from the little things we use daily to the really big stuff. It sure is something we can’t escape in this world.


Well, this diversities or varieties add spice to this life which we live, however, it often isn’t seen in this way. Sometimes, it conflicts our beliefs, values or behavioral patterns. It sometimes comes in ways that we are not exactly comfortable with, and when it does come in this manners, it is not something we wanna gladly hop on and embrace

Seeing the diversity of the different types of plants on this planet or the different kind of dishes around the world might seem simple enough. Yet, even these forms of diversity aren’t easily embraced by all of us (or even most of us), not to talk of diversities involving conflicting perspectives, opinions, thought patterns and values we hold dear to us.

When it touches these parts of us, diversity, clearly, isn’t something we always wanna embrace. Well, except if it somehow aligns with our beliefs and perspectives of life.

But Do We Have To Embrace Every Form Of Diversity?

Well, not exactly. In as much as diversity makes up this life, going upfront and “forcing” one to embrace all of it because its part of life doesn’t seem like the coolest thing to do, infact, it somehow goes against what embracing diversity is all about. Well, if everyone is able to accept and embrace all of it, then I guess, diversity wouldn’t be diversity anymore…


For me though, the point is actually appreciating this diversity in its different forms, colors, shapes, and sizes. Well, It might not always come naturally, but I guess somehow, it does sort of work out… It is embracing the idea that there are so many "varieties" of thoughts, opinions, habits, and values out there, appreciating them but not necessarily "acting them". Embracing diversity for me is all about being more tolerable, breaking stereotypes and accepting people as they are first, and not letting their decisions on a particular lifestyle cloud my judgment of them. Heck, I don't even need to judge them!

One way I have learnt to appreciate diversity and actually see it in all of its beauty is writing. Most of us do write here, and I believe we all have seen this beauty in its different forms… Or haven't we?


It amazes me how two people can write on the same topic, share the same perspective on it but actually write it differently in their different voice/writing styles… All on sees there is the beauty of that word called diversity, clearly, one might be more drawn to one than the other, and it’s all because of the voice which one connects or understands more… And that tendency to be more drawn to one over the other again speaks of diversity

Once, my Mum was writing an article because she needed to make some sort of presentation. She asked me to help her edit her work because she was sort of exhausted. I went ahead and did the edits, but well, she wasn’t satisfied, it seemed. She said she wanted “my touch” to it… Like I would write my own posts.

I wasn’t sure that was a good idea, but I went with it anyways. Well, when I was done, she read through it and she thought it was good but minutes later, she was all over it trying to make it sound like “her” again. I had changed all of her “big words” to my simple words, and changed the tone to mine and well, I created more work for her.


That day, I realized that appreciating and even loving a particular way something is done doesn’t mean I want it to be a reflection of me. Well, that wasn’t supposed to be my lesson, but I learnt it.

Sometimes, even unknowingly, we appreciate the little forms of diversity surrounding us. Because really, it makes life more colorful, beautiful and actually exciting.

Understanding that appreciating, acknowledging these diversities doesn't exactly mean we live by them or force ourselves to change our beliefs. It is more about living more at peace with our environment. Embracing diversity helps us see people as they are, without putting our own "meaning" to them, or subtly forcing them to act in a way we "approve of".


It is possible to embrace the idea of diversity, yet it isn't exactly possible to embrace every form of diversity, and I believe that is just fine. We are humans at the end of the day and r reservations on taking everything that comes our way. But embracing the fact that diversity will always be there prepares our heart for any forms of change that might come our way and we also are able to let others live their lives that way…

Diversity is beautiful, we are diverse, we are beautiful!!

Much Love — Audrey❤

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So nice to see a new Audrey article. fun fact: I typed “Audrey” but apparently missed a letter and my autocorrect had “Wifey.” 😉

As I was saying.. it’s nice to see you @audreybits.

😀 Ah, thank goodness you saw it before someone came for me. Lol!

Well, i am hoping I don't go "missing" again.. lol! Thanks for sticking around.... i was wondering if i needed to do some sort of reintroduction after staying away for quite a while, well, looks like I don't need to do that 🙂

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It was such an interesting article about saying the same think only differently. We wrote about the same thing right around the same time you and I. Did you get a chance to read the one I did a little over a week ago called Once, That’s it? Promise I’m not here like “check me out!” It’s passed the pay anyway, don’t vote it but still, you might enjoy it, I went into detail about embracing mistakes. Kinda the same, no?

Have a great evening @audreybits. We got a storm en route and I’ve been time lapsing it the past two hours. Ahh yeah!!

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Well, yeah... it is, sort of...🙂 I will definitely go have a look at it, and oh, feel free to let me know of any interesting article i must have missed😉

How was the storm, and hope the photos did turn out great?

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It turned out a lot cooler than I thought. I originally just wanted a sunset, I was surprised with a storm. Not as cool as your article though!

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Now, i am flattered.😊 Ah, that's amazing! Do you plan on posting them here?

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Oh heck yeah! This whole video editing thing is new to me. We’ve released two recipe videos so far for my wife—lots of fun! Happy Sunday, Audrey.

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Hey, Audrey. Psst... I did it.

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Welcome back, studies seemed to have had you occupied. Diversity is the spice of life indeed, but something just aren't gonna resonate with everyone, we just need to be appreciative and respectful. Not judgmental. Welcome back to your seem journey dear:)

Thank you, yeah it did! That is so true🙂. And thank you so much, i hope to enjoy more of steemit...

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It is possible to embrace the idea of diversity, yet it isn't exactly possible to embrace every form of diversity, and I believe that is just fine.

I think you are right. We should be able to embrace diversity... but as with everything, there are limits. Some people like to break those limits and we're not forced to embrace it all. Are we?

Thanks for your article, @audreybits! 😊

Nah... we are not!

And Thanks for coming over to read😊

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