Earn insane rewards by delegating to @cabbage-dealer

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cabbage-dealer is a bid bot that pays delegators MORE than a 100% share of daily rewards!

Now you might ask yourself, "how can someone pay more than 100%?" The answer is simple; I have funded cabbage-dealer with my own SP and instead of collecting the rewards from it, I am giving it all my lovely delegators! So if you are a delegator you can expect to earn a 100% share from the rewards from your delegated SP and also a share from my own delegated SP!

Don't work for your money, let your money work for you!

By delegating to @cabbage-dealer, all you gotta do is sit back relax and watch the money come in daily. Sip on a sweet pina colada while you're money works 24/7, generating easy income even while your sleeping! The cabbage-dealer bid-bot takes no rest as its not a human but actually a robot, that I, the creator, have optimised according to market conditions, ensuring my delegators receive the best payouts out of all competitors.

Don't know how to delegate? Don't worry it's bloody easy!

Just follow these steps and you will be earning easy daily rewards in no time!

  • Step 1: Click on this link steembottracker
  • Step 2: Enter your steem account name as the "Delegator"
  • Step 3: Enter "cabbage-dealer" as the delgatee
  • Step 4: Enter the amount of steem power you want to delegate. I recommend a minimum of 20 SP, or else your delegation will be too small to generate rewards.
  • Step 5: Click the "Delegate!" button

And know you are done! Yep, it was that easy :) Expect to receive a memo from @cabbage-dealer in your wallet confirming your delegation.

The more cabbage-dealer grows, the more you grow!

As the total Steem Power cabbage-dealer controls grows, the popularity and usage of the bot will increase, meaning that each bidding round will reach max capacity more often. In turn, the daily income generated by the bot will increase and the daily rewards to delegators will hence also increase! Remember, cabbage-dealer takes ZERO cuts from the income generated, ALL income is shared amongst the delegators!

Therefore, if you want to see cabbage-dealer grow even faster than before and reap even fatter rewards, let your friends know about cabbage-dealer and the insane rewards they could be earning!

If you want to get in touch me with me, feel free to join my discord channel!


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Delegate today and earn a 100% share of daily rewards!

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I tried to delegate and a problem occurred, insert the username incorrectly and when I decided to remove it on the steembottracker platform the delegation was removed but here by steemit I still subtract that SP.
What I do?

So to get back your SP it takes 1 week, so 1 week from when you removed your delegation you will receive back that SP in your account.

Oh rays!

what bad news, I must wait for that time to delegate again

how many times can I use this proces????

You can delegate as many times as you want

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