🤖The Awesome List of Steemit Bid Bots with a Positive ROI 🤖 - 6th June

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Steemit is an amazing place! To make it even better & more profitable for Steemians the owners @ned need to make it easier to make money, after-all that is the main reason people are attracted to Steemit in the first place.

Three very simple & easy ways to do this are as follows:

  1. Reduce the dust threshold cap from the current 0.0251 to 0.001
  2. Convince the bid bot owners to introduce capped losses 
  3. Simplify the confusing visual rewards per post on Steemit

This post is to help achieve number 2!

I have explained all about my initial bid bot experience in my previous post, please feel free to check it out here.

😍 Some bid bot owners have seen the light and are leading the way forward by capping losses.

Additionally the ones in this list also cap losses above a negative threshold. This means they actually help Steemians by creating a predictable, positive ROI, the updated list below contains the good guys 😍

(Updated & corrected list - 6th June 2018)

🤖The Awesome List of Steemit Bid Bots with a Positive ROI 🤖 - 6th June 

@brupvoter (59) Reputation ⭐ Recommended ⭐

$18.32 Vote value power

1-10% ROI

last round was positive 10%

@oceanwhale (53) Reputation ⭐ Recommended ⭐

$13.15 Vote value power

10%-10% ROI

last round was positive 10%

@profitvote(25) Reputation

$4.07 Vote value power

15%-15% ROI

last round was positive 15%

@peoplesbot (25) Reputation

$0.95 Vote value power

0-30% ROI

last round was positive 30%

@ptbot (34) Reputation

$0.34 Vote value power

0-20% ROI

last round was positive 20%

@profitbot (25) Reputation

$0.57 Vote value power

15-15% ROI

last round was positive 15%

@peace-bot (39) Reputation

$0.37 Vote value power

0-50% ROI

last round was positive 50%

@botox (41) Reputation

$0.28 Vote value power

1-100% ROI

last round was positive 3.29%

@ecotrain (45) Reputation

$2.95 Vote value power

11-11% ROI 

last round was positive 11%

@honestbot (9) Reputation

$1.24 Vote value power

0-99% ROI 

last round was positive 82.88%

@dailyupvotes (50) Reputation

$6.52 Vote value power

1-99% ROI 

last round was positive 29.81%

@slimwhale (50) Reputation

$0.60 Vote value power

1-10% ROI 

Last round was positive 10%

@proffit (52) Reputation

$0.22 vote value power

1-50% ROI 

last round was positive 22.38% 

@tainika (33) Reputation

$0.22 vote value power

15-15% ROI 

last round was positive 15% 

@upyourpost (41) Reputation

$0.82 vote value power

1-50% ROI 

last round was positive 50% 

Others to add when i get a few moments:



I am sure you will find these bots useful, if so please consider supporting them by trying them out, delegating to them, or spreading this post to help others, thank you.

Additional Voting Tips:

  • Use SBD to avoid bot algo problems
  • Try off peak times like Sunday to get higher returns

Robot image sources:

Please support these artists by visiting the following links, most are on patreon and i am sure they would appreciate your support, thank you.





Disclaimer, Wealth warning & Terminology:

ROI = Return on investment

Round = This is my shorthand for a bid bot bidding round which normally take place every 2-3 hours.

⚠️ ⚠️⚠️ All the other bid bots that are currently listed on steembottracker.com have regular negative ROI rounds, so don't use them if you value your wealth! 

Using these positive ROI bid bots does not guarantee that you will break even or make a profit, you can still make a loss. However using these as opposed to the naughty bots does give you a fighting chance! Profit/Loss is not entirely dependent on the bid bots capping losses, it also depends on luck, the steem price, the sbd price, sbd price manipulation & the fluctuation in the vote value of your post at +7 days. ⚠️⚠️⚠️

As always i will test these bid bots on this post & post my costs/results in the comments, this enables any Steemian to check their profitability!

Thanks for stopping by, please remember to RESTEEM this post so other people can find it, thank you kindly!

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Paid 10.95 Steem
Guesstimate back 5.6 Steem + Couple of refunds in progress (thankyou)

Price at time of promotion
Steem $2.39 | SBD $1.70

Negative ROI on many of these, after talking to some of the bid bot owners the reason for this negative roi seems to be the way in which the bots calculate the upvote value via the SBD prices.

The SBD price is currently being manipulated on hitbtc.com so the bid-bot algo's are playing up. Advice to anyone would be to use SBD and keep an eye on the SBD price on hitbtc.

It shouldn't be possible to go negative with these. A good way to look at this, is that these good bots will probably refund if you don't get the ROI as advertised.

Refunds in progress:
oceanwhale - thanks ;-) 1.53 sbd
brupvoter - thanks ;-) 2.62 sbd

I have not chased up the other -ROI losses which amount to about 1-2 sbd. These two were very prompt and helpful. In fact brupvoter have updated their code to try and get around this particular hitbtc issue. I recommend both for their professionalism, honesty and high quality service.


Paid 10.95 Steem
Received 8.5 Steem (Converted)

Loss of 2.5 Steem

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Ok I will, thank you