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RE: [Guest Signups] Beyond Bitcoin Hangout #182 - 11/18/16 - (RSVP to Guest Speak about YOUR Blockchain project! 75 STEEM Guest Payouts + Signups for Next Week's Hangout!)

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virtual SteemfestSteemprenticeeSports SteemBets

Tags: #steemprentice #esports #steemland
Links: Steemprentice Sunday Hangout , eSports SteemBets on LoL, Virtual Steemfest (/Steemland)
Representative/Speaker: @virtualgrowth
Introduce project news: Steemprentice - Mentor Initiative of Steemit users helping each other; eSports SteemBets - Vote on eSports to share STEEM
Links to weekend events may be updated over the week

P. S. Steemit Community Mentions

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