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As the dollar crumbles like many other fiat currencies, more money will move into cryptos. I will be here giving out info to help those research and navigate these new waters of wealth.


Your one stop shop on inofrmation about Populous PPT and other ICOs

Today I am here to share again, my man @jsnip4 (honestly one of my favorite people on the net). He has come out with a video on Populous and is speaking highly of it. Which coincides with Clif High's view on the coin PPT. Enjoy, then read more and see more videos about Populous below.

Great video in which Silver the Anitdote (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClAAuvHzeMTFrOuk2ftMBNw) really goes in depth as to why this is the next big thing to get into ... comparable to the likes of Veritaseum.

So I told you a while back that I am a huge fan of Clif High of halfpasthuman.com and the work he does in predictive linguistics. In his most recent reports, he mentions that there are some companies and ideas behind ICOs that are stronger than others.

I missed out on Veritaseum only ending up with a hand full of coins at a decent price after the ICO finished on Etherdelta at roughly $40 a piece. Not a bad return for the explosion that has happened when it finally hit the exchange. 300% return in a month makes you feel good regardless of the amount invested.

I decided to take some of my ETH earned from my Veritaseum investment and put it into a new ICO that Clif seemed to like...

"The language around Populous shows very long legs for this sub space in cryptospace. This set may
well be dominated by the first mover advantage that is still open for claim. Populous may well make
that claim.
This offering represents our next opportunity for a real train engine and not mere track laying. The
concept, the work so far, the language for the sub space in general, and this offering in particular could
not be better placed for the niche being targeted."

-Clif High

There actually never was a true ICO because all of the coins (PPT) sold out during the PRE-ICO. I find myself yet again praising the man, the myth, the legend, Clif High for his reports. I think I will prove to be quite lucky to have been aware of the PRE-ICO and to have gotten in days before it sold out.

Many people will talk about missing out because they waited for the July ICO date. My advice, in this frenzied environment where more and more people come into the market every day; If you are serious about investing in a project make sure to look at the website, read the whitepaper and do your research to make sure you get that first crack regardless of how much it costs (granted after said research you determine that it is a must have).

Populous (PPT) is currently trading on Etherdelta (https://etherdelta.github.io/#PPT-ETH) and is starting to make a move up. Don't miss out on these prices... many including Jsnip4 and Clif High believe this is the next Veritaseum and eventually could outshine it because of the secret sauce of this investment...

(credit to Silver The Antidote youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClAAuvHzeMTFrOuk2ftMBNw)

Clif High has stated that this coin has the potential to be the next BIG ICO and when Clif High speaks my ears perk up like a hungry dog at the sound of kibble hitting the bowl.

Much love my Steemians!

Starsteem Out

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Populous was in my queue for ICO Review Series, however, before I could even get to it, they sold out in Pre-sale. I have great hopes for this project and it may turnout to be bigger, like you mention.


Thanks for the comment and follow @rkreddy!

Anyone reading this comment, I really suggest you take a look at the ICO reviews he references in his comment above... really exceptional work. I have followed him and if your into ICOs, he is a must follow for you as well.

That is so kind of you to recommend the ICO series, certainly appreciate it!

My pleasure. Sharing good content is easy. :)

PPT is shitcoin and it will remain as shitcoin nomatter how much attention you will want it to have. it barely hit 4 dollars per Tokan and u compare it to Veri with over 130$ per token.

Veri didn't start off at $130 it grew into that price. If this is a shit coin then I am happy ass a pig in shit. Appreciate your perspective though. Thanks for the comment.

I didn't put my attention into Populous ICO but after reading whitepaper it looks really interesting. Definitely worth more research and maybe some coins. Thanks!

My pleasure. I will continue to have posts like this in the future. So stay tuned. :)
Welcome to Steemit my friend. Cheers

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