Gridcoin promotion: My jumping cryptokitty!

in beyondbitcoin •  8 months ago

Hello Dtubers and Steemians! Two months ago if you would asked me what is gridcoin? I would say I don’t have a clue, because I had never heard of gridcoin until I saw @trumpman had on his profile steemit page that he was a Gridcoin Enthusiast. “What the hell is Gridcoin Enthusiast?” I said to myself. So, I did my own research and immediately fell in love with the idea of using your computation power for scientific research, rather than wasteful hashing that proof of work is used for bitcoin and other altcoins. Even though I had heard of the major cryptocurrencies I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of gridcoin. Therefore, I think gridcoin really needs more “advertisement “ and so I decided to make a cat video to advertise gridcoin, after all cat videos rule the internet! Lol
Link to the second promotional video:

So if you are watching this cat video and have never heard of gridcoin and I have sparked your interest in gridcoin then I have accomplished my job.

I hope you enjoyed the fun video! But, I also wanted to say that as an utter newbie to gridcoin, after only two months of crunching BOINC projects for gridcoin on the site I have already made it into the top 100 accounts with the highest Magnitude. How did I achieve this? Well, this would not be possible without the amazing community behind gridcoin and wanted to say thank you! and shoutout to the following people who have helped me along the way (sorry if I have missed anyone):

@dutch for his great guide for gridcoin noobs:
@vortac for his 8 part series on GPU cards and in particular this post:
and this one:
@bgb for running the site. If you are new to gridcoin and don’t plan on purchasing gridcoins to start, then I recommend that you join the grcpool.

Steemit is a great platform for learning about gridcoin but I have also learned a lot by hanging out on discord channel and reddit (see links below).

There are so many helpful people on steemit and the gridcoin discord channel that I want to thank:
@ragnarokdel and @MacGeyer on discord for help making trades to get GRC (gridcoin) in my wallet.
@delta1512 for running the wallet bot (yes you can get free gridcoins!)
@barton26 for discord help and numerous post on steemit
@personthingman2 for discord help
@jringo for updates, stats, news, polls, CBR etc.
@sc-steemit updates and news about gridcoin
@noah-blaker for help on wallet setup
@parejan for help with understanding RAC
@flodner for mentioning SPARC coin
@theissen for explaining Magnitue
@tomasbrod for help on gridcoin wallet staking
@neuralminer on steemit and discord help with beacon and CPID (not needed if you are using grcpool)
@goatman BOINC help and recommending the grcpool rather than going solo
@peppernrino for the Hangouts (haven’t been on one but watched some of the videos). Not sure if my cat video can compete with your shirtless body! Lol.
@nethlek on discord for help with staking
@gunde for help with understanding incoming staking transactions

As you can see the community is willing to answer questions and help each other. So let’s make more people aware of gridcoin!

Join Gridcoin Research+BOINC and Change the World

BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, pronounced /bɔɪŋk/ – rhymes with "oink") is a distributed work platform that has been around since 2002 (16years now) and rewards all participants with a score. BOINC consists of over 500,000+ active users and many more computers. It is a popular platform for researchers to do large amounts of distributed work. The infrastructure is already in place, and no payment is required. Doing distributed work is purely voluntary, where users can attach any project of their choosing.

Gridcoin Research is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency that rewards Proof-of-Research (PoR) for BOINC computation based on the BOINC RAC (Recent Average Credit) score. Some requirements are for projects to be listed on the platform but are relatively easy to comply. There are currently ~20+ Projects included that the network rewards work done by users.

Gridcoin is an amazing project with an amazing community!
White Paper:
-- Github --

Also recently a redditor Matrix166 has compiled many of the guides on the internet at one site and this can be helpful for new people:


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What an amazing community. And it's only growing!


I t sure is! And if we want gridcoin to take off it really needs positive media attention. If you analyze the price of Bitcoin it shows that positive media coverage is one of the main factors that drives the price up.

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Big fan of gridcoin here. It's actually how I discovered steemit, too.

I have a stack of old android phones and it's been fun having an excuse to pull them out and try to get BOINC running on as many as possible.


It would be interesting to see what you can earn with BOINC by using old phones.


I have not done the math on my results in a long time, but the short answer is not a lot. The main thing I get out of it is having an excuse to unlock/root my old phones and work on getting as much performance as I can out of them.

I just wanted to say, nice use of the distributed file sharing services. I've never heard of DTube before, I'll be exploring that one this afternoon, it looks amazing.

The black and white cat lying on the floor is like "they are nuts" :)


LOL! yup he looks that way doesn't he. His name is Sammy and he has a trick or two up his sleeve. Stay tuned! Thanks for the generous upvote and thank you for your posts on the the F64 double precision GPUs as it was after reading your posts that I found some Radeon 6690 cards and used them to increase my magnitude very quickly crunching milkyway@home. Cheers! ian


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hey, thanks for the mention! I just saw it, feels nice to know my profile led you to gridcoin :D