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RE: Stan Larimer on the State of Cryptos Today

Two powerhouses of the freedom movements meet!

I hope that you had a chance to tell Stan about Anarchapulco, Terry. Stan would meet his kind of people there for sure, and would be a dynamite speaking attraction.


Yes, we are talking about that now. It would be great to have @stan speak at Anarcapulco 2018. Thank you for your help, @onceuponatime!

Yes yes! Please get Stan there. Perfect fit.

Excuse Me @terrybrock, Can you please tell me about "Anarcapulco" ??

also Google Jeff Berwick (Dollar Vigilante)

Can you please tell me about "Anarcapulco" ?? @terrybrock

sir tell me how to increse my steemit accout and how i earn money from steemit.

Buy steem power then delegate to someone like @jerrybanfield who pays you daily and helps to raise the value of steem, he has great videos to teach other ways to make money also!


Very good question. There are many videos and documents here on Steemit that show how to do that both in technical terms (step by step) and in concept. Make it a point to spend time each day watching videos and posts like these. Then let us know how you're doing on it. I look forward to hearing from you!


You bet, @marketclob! Thank you for visiting


I am very glad that so many interesting thoughts @terrybrock + @stan can bounce off of each other. These kinds of dialogues end up being historic if your speaking platform is properly maintained, with a flood of newbies coming in the last few weeks, like myself. You guys both do such a stellar job of explaining the simple and illustrating importance, thanks again @terrybrock best of luck to you in 2018, it's already starting off very well I see!

Thank you very much @cryptkeeper. Welcome aboard and thanx for stopping by!

Yes, Please get stan there.

agreed, alongside Ron Paul, who I'm told will be speaking there also

This is the first interview I've ever turned into with Stan Larimer.

Really appreciate having access to his perspective on this stuff!!

Thanks a lot Terry. I will be rewatching this at least once more : )

Thank you, @joshuaseymour. Glad to have you here.

Master @onceuponatime, whats Anarchapulco?

I bet it's related to anarchy and decentralisation of blockchain that helps people to chase their dreams.
I wonder what waves he will bring if he visits that mysterious Anarchapulco.

Yes, I agree with you.

downvoted this spam.

Whilst I love some of the coins mentioned Terry, I think a lot of them are mature. Here's something risky that could go nuts.

Please do not make a comment unrelated to my comment as a way to advertise your posts.

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