[Guest Signups] Beyond Bitcoin Hangout #191 - 1/20/17 - (RSVP to Guest Speak about YOUR Blockchain project! Last Week’s Payouts + Signups for Next Week's Hangout!)

Notice: Payouts have gone out to Guest Speakers for the 1/13/17 hangout! Thank you to all people who join these hangouts to talk about your work! You provide transparency and a record of your efforts in a community who will try to support you for paying it forward.

UPDATE #11: As can be seen at the following link, SBD payments are now paid out in steem. I take 50% steempower that is received and give all liquid rewards to those who participate...however there may be slight differences in pay due to the lack of accounting presently available in the Steem UI. When my wallet begins showing me exact numbers I can get much closer. Until then payouts will be +/- a few STEEM worth of payment. Please look out for our future payout changes in these updates. As this ecosystem evolves, so too will payouts and the means of accomplishing them. I also look forward to bringing you future means of rewarding cryptotokens! Listen to the hangouts for updates on our project!

Payouts for 1/13/17 Hangout Guests!

Be on the look out for cool new ways to give and receive payouts by participating in our hangouts in the coming weeks!

Beyond Bitcoin hangouts still enable everyone's voice to be heard--Steemit lets the community vote on our Top Guests!

We are continuing this trial run until approximately 4 JUL 17, after which we will assess the benefits of the current model against potential negatives. Until then we are announcing hangouts in a way that gives everyone an incentive to promote our events and themselves, their projects and alliances that germinate in this very hangout community. So until further notice if you want to be covered in beyond bitcoin hangouts in any serious way, we will be asking for you to upvote this post, RSVP and give upvotes to other projects/topics you find valuable. This could change.

How to get Coverage of your Project

Post to this and future Hangout Announcements telling us if you are going to be there and what project/topic you would like to cover with the Beyond Bitcoin Community. The highest voted project/topics at the start of the hangout every Friday @ 10am EST will be covered first, followed 2nd highest, 3rd highest...etc in sequence from highest to lowest.

How much time will we have?

This is currently in flux as we are seeing a significant increase in interest to use our 24/7 server for hangouts and events. But during the formal portion of the hangout, all projects will receive 15-20 minutes depending on the number of guest speakers signed up. In the case that hangouts go over 3 hours we will cut them into 2 pieces with the second as the "afterparty".
Additionally, have your own hangouts on our mumble server free of charge and make sure to post to #beyondbitcoin!

Is coverage all I get?

No! You also get the opportunity to answer questions and learn what investors in your project want to see. This is a perfect place to make friends and also learn from one another. Coverage is the byproduct of this...
Additionally, the beyondbitcoin hangouts are a very visible initiative to whales who are heavily invested in steem and the technology that made steem and other graphene chains possible--bitshares! Many of these people come from the bitshares community that made things like steem possible. Join and become part of a long and powerful history in crypto!

Is any topic off Limits?

Yes. We reserve the right to learn from the newest trickster trolling steemit consistently searching for way to insert chaos into the equation and devise future strategies for negating these. Naturally if these efforts become ham-fisted attempts at shutting down free speech in honest conversations, the audience will hold us accountable.
But with that said....pretty much anything can be covered--even up to and including current events. However, I personally will only be voting up stories that touch the blockchain in some way shape or form and will be asking the community to downvote absolute Rubbish! ;)

How to Join

Step 1: Download Mumble Here

Step 2:

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Step 3:

Enter the following information:

Label: BeyondBitcoin
Address: mumble.beyondbitcoinshow.com
Port: 64738
Username: Enter your username
Password: [email protected]!t3

Step 4:

RSVP Below with the following details:

  1. Project/Topic Name/News Piece
  2. Relevant Steemit Tag?
  3. Appropriate links to share?
  4. Steemit and/or Mumble account name of Representative/Speaker
  5. How should we Introduce you/your project/your news coverage?

Share the url and basic message of this post with others and provide screenshots for upvotes from a friendly whale backer!

Listen to Last Week's Hangout Here!


#BlockPay / BitShares Munich
Status updates of the current development.

This time: How we are picking up the fight to end the yearly loss of +$22 billion USD in credit, debit card payment fraud. Madness? YES, called reality, +10% of the global credit card payments are fraud. Learn how digital currencies can save billions!

#chris4210 #bitshares-munich

#centz #giftcards #fraud #blockchain

Centz, Inc.

Centz is a revolutionary fintech company that is going to first disrupt the worldwide $1 trillion USD dollar gift card market, and then change it in ways that have never been imagined.
Centz tokens represent an opportunity for any individual to participate in a ground-floor opportunity of a next generation of financial technology company. Centz will reshape the world by using blockchain technology applied to the gift card industry.
Relevant Steemit Tag: n/a
Appropriate links to share:


Steemit account name: centz2
Representative/Speakers: Swen Swenson & Jon Bricken
How should we introduce your news coverage?:

Blockchain Startup Centz Goes After Billions in Breakage

This start up is about to revolutionize how billions in retail dollars are spent

Come join the #Centz team disrupting the #giftcard industry on #beyondbitcoin this Friday #OpenLedger


SteemKURE site
SteemKURE - Now Online Post

SteemKURE provides a network hub for people to create their own curation guilds or groups for evaluating specific types of content.

You can find out more about it from those two links.

Project #SteemPoll from #eSteem!

Autonomous and decentralized crowd decision making app on top of Steem.

I would be able to make it to the hangout. One feature I like to have is the ability to follow a blog. Maybe get notifications when someone post on it. Thanks.

VIRGROWSteem LandSteemprentice

#virgrow #steemland #steemprentice
Appropriate links to share?
to be added during the week
Representative/Speaker: @virtualgrowth
How should we Introduce you/your project/your news coverage?
VIRGROW bitshares UIA - invest in crypto & community
Virtual Steemland in virtual world of YrGrid, Steemprentice - Mentor Initiative for all steemit users to help each other, Steemprentice New CrowdGuild project, & VIRGROW bitshare token.

NOTE: Won't be talking today. (Not in a quiet place.)

Thanks for the update.

I am still thankful for your support on here for my posts, I appreciate it a lot.

  • have a good rest of your weekend.

you are always welcome barry because you do good work. i am blessed up to this point i have had minimal scammers and shysters trying to abuse my votes :P

now with that said. I am always looking for people to join our little team of content creators so we can start collectively offering more and more valuable services. SO if this interests you, our hangouts are not a bad place to start writing about the goings on in one of the best and most valuable hidden gems in all of blockchain tech. We have been here since day one in bitshares, steem, golos, peerplays...and soon to be many others.

There is great opportunity for the right team to really fly high when the next altcoin bubble starts :)

Thanks for the kind words, @officialfuzzy / @fuzzyvest there is so much I am learning about WRT crypto, I will have to look into things more.

I know I am still learning and likely not able to write much about crypto being a noob like you know I am LOL.

I really do appreciate the words and the support.


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