LuckyBet Stats Month 1 - Bet on the STEEM Blockchain

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So @luckybet launched a month ago, so I have decided to post some random stats from the first month!

Play now at:

Games Played (since 25 June)

DifficultyGames Played

Players (since 25 June)

Unique Players25
Most Games Played352
Average Games Played31

Prizes (since 25 June)

StatisticPrize Amount
Average STEEM Won0.187 STEEM
Total STEEM Won3.831 STEEM
Average SBD Won0.252 SBD
Total SBD Won41.974 SBD

Why not give it a go now:

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Dude i think you should make more tranperent the proces. I don't see anywhere how result is calculated neither how the system can aprouve bets to be fair.


A random number between 1-100 is picked, then it's split between your difficulty picked. Example for 50/50 is 1-50 would be equal to 1 and 51-100 would be equal to 2.

  1. And how i can see exact rolling?
  2. How you can asure me its fair?
  3. Proofs?

Dont worry i have watched bunch of dice/rolling moneygrabbing scams. Release the sources hosted in live version and then we can discusse. As long you didn't provide a proof of fairness platform , i will not suggest this site for gambling. Here on steem blockchain there are no need of followed scammers and coin robbers. hosted theyer site on github with sources so ppl can check fairness . The problem of steemdice is only networking delays. Whats yours? Community cannot be sure they play on reasonable platform. Can you ask me how many % is a house edge. Can ppl singlebet zerofill given wallet?. The problem dude is that with populating steem network bunch of scammers has arise. which has very negative impact of the network.

Harika post 🤗

Great @ luckybet bro
Vote for vote 🤗🤗🤗

Great idea

Thank you for your contribution!
Good fortune.