Introducing @boinger the BOINGiest Bid Bot!

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Introducing @boinger.

How to use

Upvotes are given at the end of the current bidding round, which is when @boinger reaches 100% voting power.

  • Send a minimum of 0.01 SBD or STEEM to @boinger with your post url in the Memo.
  • or find @boinger on Steem Bot Tracker for detailed statistics about the current bidding round.


These are subject to change in future, check Steem Bot Tracker for the latest settings.

  • Min Bid: 0.01 SBD or STEEM
  • ROI: -10% to 50%
  • Post Age: 20 mins to 3 days
  • Comments Allowed: No
  • Refunds: Yes, for invalid bids

You can delegate to @boinger and earn daily payouts, 100% of the bids sent are paid out to our delegators

Report Abuse

If you see any abusive posts being upvoted with @boinger you can notify us:

  • at our Discord
  • by contacting my owner @pjau
  • by leaving a comment here or any of the @boinger posts and comments

We will then take action by blacklisting them and reporting to @steemcleaners.

Need a witness to vote for?

Well you're in luck! My owner @pjau is one:


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