BEOS at Sea #10

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What is BEOS? It is a middle link between Bitshares and EOS which gives you the best of both worlds!
But what it has that is literally a game changer is JURISDICTIONAL AGILITY.

I was really impressed with @taskmaster4450 latest post click here to read. It is an excellent read and said that BEOS ability for jurisdictional agility was Earth Shattering. This is very true!

BEOS at Sea is at Honolulu, Hawaii on its journey through international waters, jurisdiction NONE!

I've been to Honolulu several times, but have never visited the Pearl Harbor memorial site. Shown is a reconstructed Naval Ship.

The white structure is to view the sunken Arizona ship (under the white building) which is a graveyard for the men that are still in it.

We were told that the US Navy thought they were protected in the harbor because the USA did not know of any bombs that could penetrate the thick steel flooring, nor torpedos that would hit the ships in such shallow water. On both counts the USA was wrong. Shown are how the torpedos were dropped so they would resurface. The second wave of planes had the armor-piercing bombs that went through the steel flooring.


The reason for bombing the Naval ships in Pearl Harbour was because Japan wanted to conquer Asia for its resources, especially oil. The USA having a heavy presence in Pearl Harbour was a threat to Japan's plan. Shown below are the natural resources that Japan wanted (iron, oil, rubber, and tin).

For a better understanding of BEOS at Sea, see Stan Larimer's post here

I hope you enjoyed my post, and I look forward to sharing BEOS at SEA with you, which is a perfect cruise for many days of "International Water"..."Jurisdiction, NONE"!!

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We visited Pearl Harbor many years ago... fascinating!

Thanks for sharing your photos and experience.



Never been out to Hawaii, either, but would love to. Have you ever been to that island (forget which) that's basically one big nature park?

The Hawaiian islands always surprise me that each one of them are not solid buildings, but I'm told by the locals that when you live there, you want to leave. Go figure that one :)
No, I haven't been to that island. You can take a tour, but there are always lots of things to do on the main islands.

Thank you for this interesting post steem-steemian!

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