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Don't miss out on the Rainfall! You can find out more here

Prior to the start of our cruise, we spent 3 weeks in Australia. The first two weeks were in Port Douglas (closest city to the Great Barrier Reef), two days in Merimbula to visit Big G and the rest in Sydney. One of the many tourist attractions in Sydney is to walk over the top of the famous Sydney bridge. Shown below, we are in harness gear and tethered to the bridge like a rock climber would be.


Look at the top of the picture below and you will see a string of people that are on their way down off the top of the bridge

all pics off Lana's iphone 372 (2).JPG

For a better understanding of BEOS at Sea, see Stan Larimer's post here

I hope you enjoyed my post, and I look forward to sharing BEOS at SEA daily with you, which is a perfect cruise for many days of "International Water"..."Jurisdiction, NONE"!!


I hope that he is able to get a coke float on the ship. He had to show them how it's done in Greece.


lol, priceless!! Lloyd had to teach someone in Sydney as well!


If you want to learn how to make COKE-FLOAT like Lloyd, just click the link and see my post:

My Grandmother made those for us a lot, that and Root Beer Floats. She called them a Black Cow. Not sure why, but we loved them none the less. Maybe it's because vanilla ice cream and black soda look like a Holstein cow. Either way, finest kind.

My husband loves them ALL ...root beer floats, orange floats...too fun!

Climbing bridges, petting tigers, collecting beos
You guys are real risk takers!

Haha, I think all of those are a great adventure, not a risk at all :)

Ooh, nice view! You can even see the famous pointy-looking opera house down below! I'd totally do that climb, too!

I have no doubt you would do that climb just for a great photo! lol

What a view from up on the bridge. I bet it was windy. And what fun. Never been there, but maybe some day. Enjoy the cruise and stops along the way.

We were really lucky as there wasn't too much wind (the baseball hats are tethered and didn't blow off my head much) and it wasn't crazy hot either

What a wonderful photos!!!!! :)

Fantastic work. Thank you for keeping us "rainfall receivers" appraised on the BEOS node that is outside the jurisdiction of the beastly, wicked national human governments.

God bless you!



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