I saw that you just sent all your liquid Steem to Poloniex, start powering down and don't seem to have any intention of paying people and that you were in fact just a person that fear "lacks" in your life or simply don't have a soul.

I tend to think you must act out of fear. I'm sorry that you have to live this way. I'm not sure you can understand this.

If I ever have the chance to take back what you stole from people I will.

The only other solution is to raise a recovery fund

Vegas desert would work perfectly for him...

I hope you end up in front of a judge and end up in prison for sometime though I'm not sure this would help you. Even more so, I hope someone finds you and ends up recovering all the funds you stole people.

Don't tell him, tell everyone else what you know and quick.

I always try to give someone the benefit of the doubt, but to be honest, the blockchain does not lie. The poloniex transactions on @zeartul and @bellyrub make it pretty clear that you are cashing out both accounts to the same place. Will you at least do the right thing and return our deposits to @bellyrubbank?

Consider whether it's really worth it to have the sinking, horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when you reflect back on where you got it from.
I'm disappointed, not because of the 150 SBD I gave you that I probably won't back, but because I gave my trust, voted your witness, and supported you.

Is is really worth it to you to throw away everything you built, the friendships, your reputation, etc. just for a few tens of thousand dollars?

Even if you mis-managed the funds and things went wrong, you could have admitted that you screwed up and people would have understood and respected you for being honest. But as it stands now, it will be pretty hard to recover from this. I'm real sorry things ended up this way.

If the speculations about you not actually selling @bellyrub are incorrect, then I will remove this comment and apologize for the erroneous assumptions. Your move, @zeartul. The truth always comes out eventually.

@zeartul, I've pulled all your power. Since you pay on the back end, this means you owe me 422 steem, this is for 4 days worth of 85k power at 115 price, 739 * 4/7 = 422 steem
this 422 steem is due on Tuesday 2017-11-28, please confirm that you've read this

forget it hes already gone, out of steemit.

Yea I'll admit, you warned me.

your to do list:

1 - refund and return all investments
2 - refund all users vote
3 - pay the last payout


well im awaiting 14 days now, thats not fast

You have Steem in your wallet. Why aren't you repaying the people you are owing money?

Lightning fast. So fast, we can't even see it.

You must be slower than a snail ona sunny day

What about our power rental deal?? You pay on the back end, and I'm still providing power...

Pay the people you owe money to @zeartul. Be honest. You got one flag from me now. I'll make sure to have all your post flagged to 0$ if you don't pay people asap.

This is a bad day for Steemit.

Do you think it would be a good idea find the smaller accounts who have lost money and raise some funds to get it back to them?

100% Backup Support

I have lease him my sp and is late on paying the 860 steem he still owe me.

I'm seriously recommanding you @zeartul to pay the people you owe money too. I doubt the community as a whole will let you get your pending rewards if you aren't repaying the people you owe money too while you still have Steem in your wallet.

Its all gone, he has withdrawn it 😶

Yep, everything that can be grab

Stop providing power you will be only losing money


I sure hope I get my $50 SBD back out, but at this point I am not counting on it. @bellyrubbank @zeartul

Can I get my 50 SBD out of your bank ASAP, please.

Seems like you could have notified both the community and Freedom as you were selling.

those sbd are gone. I lost 25 sbd the only hope is the community raises funds for people who lost funds

Why ignore the fact that @whatsup is asking you for her money?

We don't care.
If freedom will not refund us, you must refund us.

It is not much to you guys but I loss my 1SBD. It is a lot to me. Please give it back. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your kindness! Much appreciated!

'Please' and 'Thank you' in light of the situation - well done you 😊

Are you serious man? What about that 650+ Steem I gave?

Serious? Damnnnn.

Sorry man, looks like this guy's took the money and run.

I really hope it's not gone dear..... damn this is all insane

Believe it or not, its gone. He wanted me to deposit in there but i knew better, he still owe me 860steem. I havent seen stackin post anything about it.

@zeartul That's not the way you should tell the community about all of that. You should pay off all your commitments before selling the bot. That is how I feel about this situation, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone with this feeling.

Additionally, I'm not sure if we can trust you anymore, so can I get my 150 SBD out of your bank ASAP, please? And by ASAP I mean NOW.

Do not ignore me, reply to this comment to let me know that you read it.

@zeartul @bellyrubbank

All is lost. I lost 25 sbd in this scam

The fact that you have transfered from this account and Bellyrub to the same Polo account points to you scamming all of us. I have accepted that my 80SBD is long gone. Too bad you felt the need to do this to people.

I feel like, but have not accepted, that my 0.05SBD sent to your upgoater is long gone.

Did you ever use the Discord like I stated in every post since it opened or did you just feel like flagging was the answer?

You wrote it like everyone is on discord.
I am not, and most of your clients are not.
So you press us to use something we have no idea about?
And I didn't start flagging until around two weeks had past and I got no reply of any kind.

Seen it, and that's why I waited initially.
Then there were no refunds the day after, and the day after the day after, there were refunds, but not to me.
Then I still refrained from flagging and waited, and tried to tell you, but no answer until now.
The blockchain is my witness.

for those who have not already done:

Remove from witness this scammer

Why can't people anybody just be honest in their business dealings?! Why must somebody try to scam others?

What a disappointment that it has gone this way. I hope you manage to sort things out quickly and grt some distance between you and the new owner soon. All the best mate.

Should not you taught him, only with the voting key for few days ? to make sure, he is not cheating people ?

Instead of giving full control , before you shout out clearly in community ?

Hmm, whats going on!

Thank you for putting the word out officially at this point. I was tired of the speculation.

that is a lie, dont believe him.

Do you have any other info for us? I know people were trying to say you had bought it but saw I saw your previous comments.

@zeartul are you on ? If so what channel/room

He is but replies no more.

He already took ur money, say good bye to it.

Yeah, good advice. In fact, I should have done that in the very moment I gave him my money!

Please refund my money or provide upvote to the post for the sbd which I have send to bellyrub.

Guess who joined this club.

I think the important things to take away here are "I was with family all day due to the holiday" and "The account was under new ownership and I was teaching him". I have used Belly rub many times, it was a very good service. I also voted @zeartul as a Witness and I will continue to do so because he has done much good for Steemit and will continue to do so. You can not and should not be blamed for this, the transfer happened maybe at a bad time when you were not fully able to oversee it - but how could you know someone you obviously thought was capable of handling the responsibly would instead let the darker side of their personality take over. I do not blame you, and I think it is unfair that many others are posting directly blaming you. We should just be thankful you created something great and it did so much good in the time you controlled it.

But if his intention was to sell and have new ownership of bellyrub, does he not have a duty to the people that invested their money with him to let them know in advance that he is handing over their money to another person.
A duty of care to his investors if he is so reputable instead of keeping it under wraps?

@zeartul im not threatening you but insinuating this thought.. Do you really think taking that much money from this many people is smart? Im not throwing rocks at you by any means i used @bellyrub a lot buildawhale and bellyrub were my favorite bots they both are/were fairto me. I even made an investiment in the @bellyrubbank
I really do hope everything your saying is true, i do you seemed like a goos dude to me.

Brief example of doing the right thing... @themarkymark bot owner of @buildawhale
The other day a friend of mine accidently sent @buildawhale 734.00 steem and @buildawhale has a No refund policy and the policy is cleae so my friend and I talked and she was going to cut her losses even though thats one hell of a loss i messaged @buildawhale and @themarkymark and he was already in the middle of refunding the mistake.
Thats an example of a steem witness in my opinion, and someone that should a service. A word of advice @zeartul again im not someone who talks smack or shoots off at the mouth but i strongly advise you make things right not only because of the people that still look up to you but because who in their right mind would steal all that money from all these people you dobt know? Thats crazy Ive done my fair share of dumb ass shit and i promise you its going to come get you back, the blockchain is open for a reason you dont know any of the people your being accused of stealing from, the internet makes all of us trackable.. And i dont know about you view but my own is everyone has something to lose you cant honestly tell me you expect to walk away with no after math.. Thats more crazy that using an up vote bot and the reputation of being a witness to steal from people here on steem. I hope really hope you make it right.

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