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Want to win a @bellyrub? Awesome This contest is real simple.

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There will be a bunch of winners. :)

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Please do not submit post that is older than 6 days.

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I think @jaynie deserves this for sharing a difficult time in her life that must have been hard to share 😊


Seems a few of us all feel the same 😎


Seems so 😆




I agree too


aww thats lovely hun :) I vote for @jaynie too


Yes it seems like we had the same thought about @jaynie post 😊 really sweet of you to vote for her to.
I hope you have had a great day hun 🤗 cheers

If I could offer up #newsteem's recent interview with the Steemcleaners for consideration. I think we answered some questions for everyone on what the Steemcleaners are and how they serve the community. Thanks @zeartul for your support!!

I think you should upvote this post from the new minnow @awakened-oracle.

I convinced her to get on steemit so she could share her knowledge of yoga, astrology and spirituality. Figured I would nominate my own post but I like supporting minnows especially ones that I badgered to get on this platform.

Without a doubt in my mind this post deserves a rub:
This post was so raw, honest, and just a tough overall topic. Brought me to tears.


Great minds think alike :)
I just nominated the same post


Me too :) this Jay post was the post of the month in my opinion!!


@topkpop I read the post and agree what a wonderful ending to an ongoing life. so I will 2nd your choice or 3rd whatever it is at this point.

My second choice is @topkpop singing blue welvet, love this song and she really nailed it.
Such a joy to listen to and amazing voice.

I would like to nominate this post it's such a powerful and emotional post

Upvoted, resteemed and I nominate @jaynie post because her courage and honesty to share such story with us :

Also my second nominate is @topkpop with this post...She is awesome, really talented person with many skills and her positive attitude really amazes me :

since closed mouths don't get fed, and I spent a lot of energy to make this excellent and beautiful post, I will submit for your consideration:

This is all about the @MSP-Waves Radio station, including an expanded show schedule, with some information about each show, what times they are on, and how to convert timezones.

I would like to bring attention to this in depth article by Inquiring Times. He put a ton of thought and research into it, and asks some interesting questions:

Voted and resteemed, please pick me cause im unlucky :(

I wrote an article last night that I'd love a few more views on. I think a belly rub could help it get noticed? Honestly if a few people just look at/read the article and I'll be happy. I only got 6 views so honestly I just want views...

Love this idea.

I guess you all will love the Steemit #BeerSaturday Challenge with 15 SBD in payout as well and the valuable content this challenge create. So spread the word and rub my belly

Upvoted, Resteemed. Thank you for your great offer . :)

Avacross should be nominated because she needs motivation


Link please of the post.

Yeah Avacross is greatest


sorry - it was a joke

i vote for silverstackeruk and his post promoting a new # tag, it deserves a nice vote :)

This is very much an undervalued post. This outlines a huge list of verified steem related discord servers, that @torico has worked on for weeks.

it is a beautiful post and deserves more rewards for her efforts <3 thank you @zeartul!!! :-D

excellent post, upvote & ReSteem !

This one because my girl took 10 hours over it and she has a nice butt :)

I think @spiceddragon needs a bellyrub for promoting natures most needed insect." bee-autiful!" careful she stings...

Please upvote this post:

I like reading libertyteeth's posts. Hes not having a good time right now. We should show him that here on steemit we care and upvote.

Thanks J

I would like to nominated this post

I always love how cheerful she is, but on top of that she is admitting what a lot of us have done before which is being lost on what to do with ourselves sometimes and the free time we have. It's a wonderful happy and insightful post.

One more here, I wish to nominate
This is a short, but sweet post that has you viewing into the heart of a pretty happy and positive man, and once you come across him you get it. He has helped me move some of my immediate thoughts of being cynical to instead taking a person for what they say.

thanks for the giveaway, I'm hoping for a bellyrub on my article.

The first in a series on home automation I will be posting.
A bellyrub would kick of the series nicely,

One more I real caring person so supportive of people in here and love her version of this song

Yesterday I visited the Riga zoo and photographed there rare animals that are not everywhere there:

As a Canadian, I would like to nominate a fellow Canadian writing about her hometown :

Canada needs a little love and attention, too... .

Aw damn. You should still @Bellyrub the interview we did bro! :P @Zeartul

Thanks again for being a guest - it was a true pleasure t have you! If you know anyone else interested in an interview, please send them my way!

I think this lad @luiscarsamuray deserve a rub, 'cause he enjoy his moments with exotic animals in our country Venezuela, despite the critical situation that he has to live.

Because 100% SBD will be shared with participants

I think my friend @marinesp deserves a rub in this post, as it tells the story of this street child, an inhabitant of Margarita Island in Venezuela. This child is very poor but he knows in memory the whole history of the Fortin of John Greek during the time of the independence of Venezuela. He makes a living telling the story to tourists who visit the place. My friend @marinesp was one of those visitors who listened to the story of the child and, in addition to giving him a good tip, she brought this picture for the souvenir. In the photo, she captured the innocence and vividness of this little historian:

All done @zeartul here is one young talanted artist who need a little boost for motivation please give him a rub

If I would propose a post to receive the rub, it would be this post of my friend @kaizag:

Her poem, even if it's written in Spanish, is a beautiful description about the Lotus, that beautiful flower born in the water, making it more beautiful in the eyes of the human beings.

I propose the work of @worldofcrypton, because he is a very talented draftsman. Use different materials in this post.
I consider that the drawing is one of the most wonderful works, and the one I propose has a unique ability to make the figures come alive from the paper.

I think @a-a-lifemix write up,
deserves this. A tireless and heavily devoted steemer who is constantly producing awesome content relevant to the ever changing subjects around technology. Insightful and well written stuff across the board.

I think @jaynie reserves the right to obtain from the rubbing of her because she is amazing she has a great ability

And I think @topkpop deserves to get rubbing because he is talented and has a great ability

Hi!!! I want to postulate this one because is important to preserve the health

I think @nnnarvaez should get a rub, because he was master of Siege Tanks in BW however he never hurt an innocent Protos.

Also he started this nice "votable" in spanish to help others.

And he is always looking for ways to bring here more people to do quality.

I nominate post because her courage and honesty to share such story with us...upvoted

I think @jaynie deserves this a lot. I like This post of her a lot.

Nice post @zeartul.

I pick @robyneggs because she is one cool inspiring single momma and her poetry is out of this world amazing and real:

I am a minnow growing bigger by the day. Want any boost I can get that will motivate me into becoming a whale. Any help is apperciated. Go Steem!

This is an extremely talented poet and writer!

Thanks for the bellyrub I received yesterday for my post on Navratri. I'm learning so much...

This is my art work..will be kind of you if I can get support ..


I always trust your service. Thanks a lot for your support. Regard from Indonesia.

It is important that we all be attentive to the signals that our body gives. In my post I explain a little what the headaches can mean.

Upvoted , Followed & Resteemd , Please link your twitter , clicked there only to find pade doesn't exist. Good Day!
Here is the Link:

@zeartul gracias por votar en mi ultimo post, estoy fuera del hilo de este tema, pero aprendiere, feliz día

I would like to nominate the post of @rogeviolinista She is new in this community (as I) but it is trying to assemble money a cell phone to be bought (the one that had previous they stole it from him). I wait that uds also they could support her with his upvote

I nominate @kiriatjrb with this publication:
Since she encourages the @Steemit community not to give up, even though they do not have many votes or SD, we must keep looking forward and thinking that at some point we will have our triumph.
Since she is so positive and shares her good ideas with others I would like her to win her rub.

Hello @zeartul,
Love your idea of @bellyrubbank !

Just sent a donation to @bellyrub to see what kind of return it provides?

Is there a breakdown of upvote/return based on how much is sent into @bellyrub?


You can check here The ROI Just type in bellyrub.

Also It would be awesome if you voted for my witness.


I like the ROI on @bellyrubbank.
Why no finders fee commission for helping @bellyrubbank?
I am only looking for a One time flat fee if they contribute to @bellyrubbank. You could base the fee on 5% of what they contribute? or 10% standard sales commission rates.
One rub deserves another rub... I will vote for you as a witness.
Hope you have a great week.
Be well...

This post is just too fabulous. Can't believe Mathematical and Economical analysis were been used to explain the rise and fall in the price of bitcoin. It just too awesome. Kudos @mickyscofield