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RE: Abuse of @bellyrub fix coming next round!

in #bellyrub5 years ago

When I mean abuse I mean sending massive amounts of sbd to something you know is not worth it. and making others lose out on the %.

I have set it to vote 50% to not have such an impact on those types of posts, until we can find a better fix this will have to do, It seems though many others like this 1.2 hours a lot better.

@bellyrub is the biggest and is being targeted for that same reason, they see accounts sending massive amounts of bids to posts that are not worth it. Which I agree I am not saying every one that send in high bids are abusing the system just those individuals are making it seem so.

@bellyrub is meant as a promotional tool nothing more. There is no profit to be made really just a promotion tool much like the one steemit has.

That changes when high bids come on minimizing the others bids, I know it is an auction system but I see it as every one deserves to get some benefit out of it.

@bellyrub does not sell any private bids, I was like that before and it effected the time table which was stopped weeks ago. Before the new power came into play. 100% of the vote is meant for the users, no private bids no private deals.

Keep in mind this is not free delegation as some might think, it is being paid for, as far as users saying @bellyrub is abusing that power is plain absurd, it is not free SP it is being rented out, for the sole propose of the bid bot @bellyrub. Trying to stop high bids is not as simple as one might think and converting @bellyrub to a minnowbooster or a randowhale is not an option for us, hence the SP is being rented out.


Thanks for the thoughtful reply @zeartul. I am definitely aware that you are paying for the delegation and as I said I do really appreciate you spending your money to lease that SP and offer the @bellyrub service.

I am also very happy to hear that you're no longer selling private bids. While it's certainly in your right to do so since you are leasing the SP it did mess up the voting windows as you mentioned.

I support your decision to switch to the 50% / 1.2 hour window system and I have already updated the bot tracker site to reflect that. I will continue to use and support @bellyrub and will make sure not to send any large bid amounts in the future.

Once again I just want to reiterate how important I think voting bots are to the community (since the built in post promotion tool is mostly worthless) and I just added a vote for you as witness to show my support.

Hi @zearful! There are people claiming on my wall that the maximum bid amount for bellyrub is now 25 sbd. However... i don't see anything about that cap here on this post. Will you please confirm or deny what the upper limit for bidding is?

This wonderful comment has received a bellyrub 1.59 % upvote from @bellyrub.

Nice info and I only used a couple times so far as I am new but have received great results so thank you for your service. Also thanks @yabapmatt for your wonderful steem bot tracker I am not great with computers but could only imagine how much time and effort it takes to makes something so complicated you sure do have some great minds you guys keep up the great work and I will enjoy being a simple user.

Hey @zeartul,

I placed a $1 bid yesterday, and got $0.1 upvote. What do you think about this? Is this fare or you gonna refund my losses?

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