Borran's Beer Review: Guinness Draught

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Hey everyone!
Today, I'm reviewing an Irish Dry Stout called Guinness Draught from the brewery Guinness located in St James Gate, Dublin. I bet most of you guys have heard about Guinness. It is one of the most successful beer brands worldwide.
Description of the beer:
"Swirling clouds tumble as the storm begins to calm. Settle. Breathe in the moment, then break through the smooth, light head to the bittersweet reward.
Unmistakeably GUINNESS, from the first velvet sip to the last, lingering drop. And every deep-dark satisfying mouthful in between.
Pure beauty. Pure GUINNESS."


Brewery facts:
- Arthur Guinness started brewing ales in 1759.
- Since 1759, Guinness has been brewed at St. James's Gate in Dublin and numerous other breweries worldwide.
- Sales in 2011 amounted to 850 million liters.
- It's the best-selling alcoholic drink in Ireland.
- The draught beer's thick, creamy head comes from mixing the beer with nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
- Nitrogen bubbles are much smaller than CO2, giving a "creamier" and "smoother" consistency over a sharper and traditional CO2 taste.
- Studies claim that Guinness can be beneficial to the heart. Researchers found that antioxidant compounds in the Guinness are responsible for the health benefits.


Here's a list of their most well known beers:

Guinness Draught
Harp Premium Lager
Guinness Blonde
Nitro IPA
Hop House 13 Lager (4.1%)
Guinness Foreign Extra Stout


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Appearance: black/dark brown color with a thick, creamy, everlasting beige head. (There is a little nitrogen container in the beer can that releases it’s nitrogen when you crack open the beer.)
Smell: sweet, roasted malt, coffee and chocolate.
Mouthfeel: medium body, very low carbonation.
Taste: smooth, creamy, roasted malt, coffee, bitter and sweet.

Verdict: Am I delusional, or has this beer changed? The last time I tasted it, it was much more flavorful. Have they changed the formula or is it just a bad brew? Anyway, it's an okay beer overall but not as good as I remember. I should try it on tap next time, I've heard that it's way better.
My rating: 2.75 out of 5. Maybe Guinness is a bit overrated?

Guinness Draught:

CountrySt James Gate, Dublin, Ireland
StyleStout - Irish Dry

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Camera: Nikon Coolpix P900/Nikkor 83X Wide Optical Zoom 4.3-357mm f/2.8-6.5.

Please drink responsibly!

I hope you enjoyed my post! Thanks for stopping by!

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Guinness, a substitute for food 😉
At least i got very full in my stomach very fast 😍

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It is possible your pallet has changed. I remember it being the first beer I drank at a bar under aged and it was swampy and bitter and hardcore (compared to the ales and lagers of the time). Now it is mild and light.

Being progressive and adventurous, I haven’t had it in years. Kicking myself for not having it in the uk while I was there as it must be better than it is when it makes it here to North America.

Maybe the “draft” makes it different?

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Maybe 👀, but I don't think so. I had one last year, and I think it was better then.

Yeah, I'd love to go to Ireland and have one on draft in a local pub!


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Hey @borran, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!