Oops! I started a Robbing Frenzy!! Part 2. CARNAGE!

in beekeeping •  2 months ago

This is my follow up the morning after the robbing incident. Everything looks better than I expected. I was expecting to see a lot more dead bees but all in all it looks like everyone survived okay. I will have to do an inspection of the smaller hive soon. The small hive has a well-marked queen from this year so it should be easy to find her.

I'm getting the hang of this video editing software and I'm liking it. I'm sorry about all the clickety-clack of stuff hitting my device I know it's annoying and I will try my best to make sure that doesn't happen next time.

I've upvoted myself a few times in the past, it's embarrassing and it'll only happen again when it's really appropriate.

Everything has a time and a place.

I used paid upvote Bots, @minnowbooster and @hottopic for my last two videos but I wasn't trying to get votes I was trying to get views and resteems. So they didn't give me be what I was looking for either.

BEES! Lots of Bees! Making the meanbees title video.

Oops! I started a Robbing Frenzy!!

It's not about the financial rewards its about viewers so please follow and resteem.

I'm thinking with all this facefart, themtube and MSM crap going on we are looking at some SUPER growth in steemit Soon! Fasten your seat belt and hold on because this is going to be historic.

Eventually I'll get one of those fuzzy plug in microphones. Any recommendations out there?


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