Oops! I started a Robbing Frenzy!! Honeybees Gone Wild!

in beekeeping •  4 months ago

We had extracted honey earlier and I was putting the empty frames back on the hive. These frames had a lot of leftover honey on them. Right now we're in a dearth, it hasn't rained much in several months. In other words it's dry and there is not much to eat.

I could have been faster with the whole operation, 20/20 hindsight you know but in total I took less than 3 minutes. I was arranging the frames in the top when I looked down and saw that I had a problem.

This is what I saw...

You can see Go big, or go home. here. That was the biggest cutout I've done to date and its now a strong 30 Frame Deep hive! With 20+ year old acclimated genetics. The lady that lives in the cutout house says, "that colony has been in the roof and active for over twenty years."

I'm betting that I know what some of you are thinking right now "Hmm..., how can I get one of those Queens?"
You can find me here @meanbees

Yes, that green hive with the hole in it is the one I used for my avatar photo.


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