THE FIRST STEEMIT MAKEUP TUTORIAL- bringing Youtubers to Steemit!! Tara is back!

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I am beyond excited to share with you Steemit’s FIRST makeup tutorial. I've been planning really hard to make this video perfect for you, so I hope you all enjoy it! Please give me some feedback in the comment section and any suggestions you might have for future videos.

I did a “Full Face” everyday makeup look for the very first video. I have a lot of ideas for tutorials that I really think everyone will love. Coming soon is a review of false eyelashes, the magic of hair extensions, the perfect date night outfit, how to make your own makeup, AND SO MUCH MORE!- I really can’t wait to start blogging about these fun topics!

Under my video on Youtube, I made a little explanation about Steemit and my success in hopes of spreading the word about this amazing world that I’ve been obsessing about. I’m not sure how well it’ll work, but I think it will spark some interest and get more people onto the website to join in on the fun!


Foundation- Laura Mercier in Sand Beige w/ Mac Brush 159
Eyebrows- Anastasia Brow Pomade in Dark Brown w/ Anastasia Brush
Eyeshadow- Urban Decay Naked3 in Nooner and Factory
Eyelinder- Mac in Smulder
Highlighter- Mac Prep + Prime in Bright Forecast w/ Mac 159 Brush
Powder- Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder w/ Mac 187 Brush
Bronzer- Chanel in Soleil Tan w/ Mac 130 Brush
Lipliner- Mac in Subculture
Lipstick- Mac in Velvet Teddy
Blush- Mac in Sincere and Prism
Mascara- Diorshow in 090
Brow Mascara- Anastasia in Espresso

#girlpower #steemit #taraisback #tara #makeup #beauty #mac #steemwatch #marketing

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You rock. You are one smart cookie @guerrint !

Yup she's going to beat payout record :D after 9h ~ 7,5k$ lol :D

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HHAHAAHAHAHAH, you're the best!!!

thx :)

You make my day, nice maleup! #manpower

Back to #pussypower again !
Not into girls who want to teach me how
To put MY make up !

Nice. Pretty much what I suggested in my comment down below.
I wrote a blog post about how everyone can make $10.000 in just 10 hours. Check it out:

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my name is @roelandp

Noooo more make up for men ! Pleeeeaaeese , unless you show your red toenails ! Love this smart parody ! Nice morning laugh !

How about she Buy some Steemit Power with all that cash, Have you seen her wallet Almost no steem power!!? Greedy! lol

I don't have words for this one but "hahahaha"

Hey am new on steemit please support me to grow.
Hope you will help me out....

Hey am new on steemit please support me to grow.
Hope you will help me out....

Hopping into the makeup nitch on steemit = smart. I'm up voting solely on entrepreneur skill alone.

Nicely done.

wtf 😵

lol "back in the day money"

@guerrint is going to be a millionaire. No doubt.

It's not just entrepreneur skill. It was a damn good presentation on its own merit.

yup, unbelievable!!

Thanks everyone for your support, especially @ned and @dantheman!!! I'm going to use this success to do bigger and better things for Steemit! I think it's important for successful Steemers to reinvest into making the Steemit community grow... Just you wait and see what I have planned for my next videos! <3

Hell yes!

Awesome post @guerrint! Let's keep the Steemit community growing and growing! I'm not sure how everyone on Earth isn't on here yet, but the time will come!

She cashed out dude. She is not on the platform anymore.

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Wow. A $6000 dollar post already. This might be the highest voted post on Steemit ever. And this means that $10,000 and $100,000 aren't really that far away. Right now probably 1% or less of Steemit users can award more than $15. For a post to get to $6000 means there are a good number of people that can do that, and there are still less than 100,000 people on Steemit really. And they are mostly new users and don't have much Steem Power. But in the next year we are going to see even more people with Steem Power, and if there are already $6000 posts happening, that means that $10,000 and $100,000 are just around the corner. It's just going to take time, and posts like this that get $6000, because now @guerrint is going to be able to upvote posts and give a pretty good reward for each vote. And the more people that get $6000 posts, the more people are going to have that ability. Then that will in turn make $10,000 posts. And then those posts boosting the the communities STEEM Power will in turn create higher valued posts. And on and on.

the post doesn't deserve $7000 - proves that steemit is broken.

Value is subjective.
You're broken.

I am far from broken. Also, just becase I said steemit is broken does not mean it can not be fixed. EEEEH? you see where I am going with this?

Someone else designed it to be what they want. It makes no sense to wander in off the street and say that someone else's building is "broken" just because you don't like their design.


Hey am new on steemit please support me to grow.
Hope you will help me out....

Because you do not understand the value of the post. If it brings more women, then good for the community. more balance between sexes, more balance on voting. Also, she may bring 1000 people to the platform, how is that bad for anyone?

Did it cost you money? Didn't think so.

it cost me confidence. That is money.

People who struggle for 5 years working on creating real value will be dissuaded from even trying at all when they see FLUFF content getting awarded millions. STEEMIT is not supposed to model hollywood and the real world. I would rather see a female who preaches ending world hunger get $30,000

soon people will struggle on how to make money on STEEMIT because all other jobs are gonna be replaced by bots and ai maN!

Baaaang @rok-sivante :) @nia-kningty should be next to teach Asian girls how to do their make - up


And this reply proved that just a reply could worth more than 200$. Goodjob!

Now that you're done getting ready, where should we go for dinner? :)

First show her/us that you are ready too. :)

Lol, nice one!


neither will I upvote nor downvote this reply maintly due to the style of your pickup line...Haha Jk

How does one downvote?

Click on the flag on the right side of the comment/post.


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Wow, this is a great idea for YouTubers! They get paid after getting paid! Awesome!

I can see google getting angry at this lol

some youtubers don't get paid tho

But seriously, this makeup tutorial is the t*ts!!

No, I really mean it. You did an amazing job on the intro graphics, the nice tank top and the pretty make-up. If I were more of a make-up wearing person, I would find the video extremely helpful. I enjoyed it very much nonetheless. Thank you.


How about an eyeshadow and hair tutorial using the steemit colors.

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Yes, It looks very nice! I would love to see my self with this much make up on! I love sparkle eye shadow!

Lovely to see youtubers joining as well :)

I saw this on YouTube.. Cool idea :D

Great job, Tara! It's very inspiring to see you gain so much success on your steemit makeup tutorial (which was a very clever idea btw)! Don't let the haters dampen your spirit. :) Keep rockin' it, girl.

I downvoted this, not because I dislike the content, but because I don't
think this post is worth the amount of SteemDollars that it will payout

THANK YOU XEROC for speaking truth. However "politically incorrect" you are, this needs to be fucking said.

I have worked for 5 years on a project that has NOTHING invested in it. FIVE YEARS. only to seee this. It infuriates me!

Women making bank for looking good on camera is here to stay. I'd say make peace with the human condition and try not to let it get to you too much. It works in advertising, it works in Hollywood, and it works here, too.

Don't be frustrated, instead be motivated. I see a lot different ways to benefit from steem one or the other way and one of them could be yours!

word. You are right! In fact, anger is ok to have. BRUCE BANNER admits to controlling the hulk by ALWAYS being angry. I have meditated into the higher dimensions of the dream world / heaven or GODS and channeled this secret: You must feel anger and love simultaneously to truly have a breakthrough. Yin and Yang. Don't be ruled by fear, but feel the power of righteous ANGER. :) Motivation comes from anger and love - wanting to change what is bad into the what is good takes both love of self and others, and anger enough at the situation at hand to do something about it

The market would appear to disagree with you. Value is subjective.

I am part of the market and I have the freedom to disagree. That's the great thing about Steem.

I agree. and @piedpiper actually contradicts his own monkey post, where the monkey not receiving FAIR reward begins to REJECT any reward at all! This is the same situation here mr. Piper

WTF 20K $$$$$$$$!!!

Came here from Mark's top 10 Steem posts, just realised how wise you were.

I'am so going to make the first Steemit How to cut wood and drink beer tutorial for man!

F yeah!

You're going to have to show some cleavage to make it to $10k!

this just proves that steemit is mostly horny guys. This post did not make anyone think deeply about changing the world. While I wish guerrint much success, I think it is unfair that someone like myself would likely have to rob a bank to get this kind of money easily. I bet most of the earnest individuals on here can spend DAYS editing a perfect post and still be lucky to get $1.

The guy who enterprisingly thought of paying 10/10 supermodel 'babe' types to make YouTube tutorial videos, use SEO & other tricks to viralize the most efficiently, attract millions of views, and get big sponsorship/ad share payouts, then share a fraction of that money with his female performer for whom he creates the entire script & setup of the video, is the guy you can choose to emulate, instead of thinking you'd have to 'rob a bank'.

See, that is the guy, who likely hired 'Tara' here, to make this Steemit makeup tutorial.

That's why suddenly $30000 happened, and the user never made any more posts.

Either that, or it's a trick by the devs to make the platform popular & motivate users - the user "receiving" $30k is a close friend or relative of the dev, or worse - closed circle.

Discover how business & higher-stakes internet marketing works ;)

genius. and i thought of that too, though only half of it. your plan is brilliant.

No one said the world we are living in is fair...

well then FUCK that "No one" ;) hahahaha

I posted a video about Simulation Theory, talk about changing how we view our world!! nothing. nobody cared. So I think you are right, a bunch of horny guys.

FUCK SOCIETY in its current state :D

genius. and i thought of that too, though only half of it. your plan is brilliant.

Wait. 4 grand? :O

Keep up the good work girl!
I was talking about bring star power in my post

Then we had discussions about all the Youtube-made-stars. Will be very helpful if we have more "Steemit-made-stars"

  ·  3 years ago (edited)


No. I applaud the success of others. I want to see more people to this well, not fewer. In fact, this just inspired me to write a piece on the subject...

Don't rain on someone else's parade.


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What a makeup

MAAAAAAAAN,. it's fricking hard to be a women, how do you do this [ or a variation of this] EVERY DAY?!

It's not like the rewards aren't there for the effort. Clearly :P


She does it by making a video and posting it to steemit to earn $40,000. Yeah, sounds really frickin' hard to me ;)

Will it break 40k, 50k? hell 100k?

I simply cannot figure out why this post has 223 votes already /s

I agree ! Why ?! Tara is so pretty and smart ! It's also super cute and for sure very helpful for many girls but 250 votes ! That's real GIRLPOWER !!!

Well there you have it, posting about makeup pays as much in a day as some people get paid in a year. Congratulations!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Hey whales! hey whales!! i'm here!


be creative and get your reward!Keep up good work!

This was insane, but I think it is also very cool, remarkable for the video could have achieved a fantastic

I'll go ahead and say what everyone is thinking, I guess we need Steemit adoption one way or an other.

Im so fkkkn happy you did this..Youre going to get so many new people here now omfg im sooo happy about this!

I still don't understand how such large payouts are paid for? How is it sustainable exactly?

its not. my guess is it all comes crashing down soon.

7k for a makeup video. Lol. This shit is a slap in the face to a lot of steemers. Fuck all of the other award winning post...lets up vote a makeup tutorial. Lmao...this shit is epic.

Not a slap in the face at all. I applaud her success and that of everyone else that does well.
Value is subjective and the market is never wrong.

Your post is trending! you're at the top of the pyramid !!
How is your feeling about it ??!

you're a Made Woman..... Congratulations ur set 4 Life!!!....

if this makeup tutorial could be usedfor a man that'd be great

Well good news my friend, it can!


this is wonderful!
I'm thinking about starting my own and I was kind of scared, but you're the bomb and have given me that last push to do it!!

Keep it up!!


So if someone shakes you does money start falling on the floor? It certainly seems like that might be the case.

Wow, you are popular! I've only been here 4 days and I've never seen a post get nearly that much interest. Let alone in 5 hours your up to 191 votes ant over $4000!!! Impressive. Whatever you're doing. Keep it up. You should be able to retire comfortably in a couple of months.

Well done - lol. When you have so many followers it is of course awesome :-)

But what I am little sad is that such a content is not a story & is valueable longer than the payout time. This is in my opinion a really bad thing here on steemit. I just started to write a "3d Printing Guide" and if you have not massive followers to market it is not worth the money you earn. Such content would be valueable much longer than the payout time.

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that feel when you will never have >$30k makeup game

I seriously had suicidal thoughts after seeing this, If anyone knew my struggle. I almost had my breakthrough last year but google robbed me and my gal of $70,000 and our entire life savings, now I am working minimum wage. OH THE PAIN!!!

and she gets this for a 6 min video... it's more than I will make working full time at minimum wage for 2 solid years... and i have a plan to save thousands of human lives and that plan is not seeing the light of day yet! :(

Hang in there buddy. I know it sucks.
Reward now seem to be a bit free for all and once you are on the front page there is no stopping. Advertising seems to be everything and the top place in the hot list is the golden property.
The $ value of the post is highly inflated btw because trading is down curently. A week ago it would have been like 7k, still a lot but not so "unrealistic" :)

Keep producing, do your thing, tell your stories. The bullshit detector of steemit will hopefully aling in time.
I wish you all the best!

Nice one! Just showed my daughter. She is 9 year old and loved it.

I followed every step of your tutorial. Where did I go wrong??

Supercool Tara!

I've made one myself too hope you like it :)